Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Today is like any other usual day but perhaps today is a little bit different. I had my Chemistry II Lab. First of all it was the first one for this semester and that means new venue, new lab demonstrator, new lab report to do and OH NOES, new lab partner!

Forget about the previous lab partner. She seems to forget me already. nah Joking. But I'll bet she is more happy to get a non-lazy lab partner this time. Moving on, like anything new we like to give our first impression on the matter so, my first impression.....

yummy :3

AWKWARD! Language seems to be a barrier to me but you know what, that helps me to gain more courage to speaks in English. YAH! Just so you know she, (yes a she also) was kinda blur and blank as I am, but I can't help but notice that laugh every time I transformed into a blank soullessfreaking spectacle kid.

And just so you know, the lab demonstrator S ;(


  1. hahahaha... huhu.. new partner tu mesti non-malay kan?
    nice pic btw..

  2. dah aku tulis having prob with language. haha. adoi. dia chinese. a cute one though.