Tuesday, February 23, 2010

You are Cute

I sleep late yesterday, maybe around three doing some assignment and talking.

So I woke up today for my Calculus class, I suddenly come to a surprise followed by a burst of laugh. Nothing can describe my emotion that time, sleepy, lazy and happy. Best combination ever according to major university student.
Let the picture do the talking.

see, i told you kitty is one of my weakness :)

.Awww. See, it is trying to sleep( i guess) on my roommate pile of books which to me the cutest thing that can happen when you just woke up from sleep. See how much kitten can kills me with that cuteness. :3 and that cheer up my day :)

p/s: sorry for the crappy quality, 2 megapixel camera btw.
p/s: Calculus is Hard! Hello Sleepless night :<

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