Friday, February 12, 2010

over R

I'm definitely not the one that judge people by their looks, well I might, but I usually kept it to myself. But I can't bear to notice the kinda gear they are wearing does reflect upon their image.

For example, a guy with a camera printed Tee. Of course I'm going to say he/ she is a big fan of bulky camera, but what about skinny jeans, the ever famous Paul smith shoes?? I can't, I can't! Neutral NEUTRAL :D

OverRATED ~good:)~

-Checkered shirt.
-Long nose shoes.
-Onitsuka Tiger.
-Striped swater.
-Excessive Big Headphone.Above: Asics. I love them. Still haven't own one :(

-Touch screen Phone.

Above: Check-mate. Favorites :)

-Crocs sandals

Above: 50 ringgit version like the one above and I'll give you the money :)


-TOPman collarless signature tee.
-Large Megapixel Phone camera.

Above: HATE!

-Skinny jeans.
-fashion glasses.
-Paul Smith shoes.
-Scarf( not- hijab )( especially in hot weather? Seriously people.)
-fake version of TOPman t-shirt.
-Nike shoes.
-Pop-up flash.

Above: Nice shoes. NOT THE LACES :<

Above: It's rare not to find people wearing this.

-Big time piece with long width.

Just so you know, I'm at home until probably Tuesday :)
Until then~


  1. aku ske nike shoe.. hoho~
    - guys wearing scarf sgt x macho... bweek!
    - topman x top. bazir duet je bli baju mahal.. ceh!
    -skinny jeans.. hurm.. kdg2 oke. kdg2 x. depends la.

  2. topman tu sungguh tak berbaloi. kalau checkered ok la. and for the skinny, slim fit is okay, skinny? NOT!

  3. ko dh ar skinny..pkai slim fit..lg offense..saje je comment..

  4. so aku kena pakai baggy la. haha. terbaik la weh!