Saturday, February 27, 2010


After watching ton of high-school romance, action & comedy series a thought came hitting me, a true one indeed. I DON'T ENJOY MUCH MY SCHOOL LIFE.

First and foremost, School life is yesterday, no more school for me as I have enter University to continue my studies. But still that does not change the fact that my school life were not that of a good memory because:

1) I'm a quite type of person, not that outspoken one so I pretty much an invisible man.

2) I rarely go out at night, hang out at night. I don't go to tutor.

3) I'm not that Smart compared to others.

4) Most of my friends have gone to boarding school.

5) I can barely talk in English, so communication other than B.m is pretty much difficult. So I felt inferior when it come to talk to the non-Malay. Not that I don't want to talk in Malay but I think they are more comfortable talking English.

6) I suck at sports.

7) not a famous person :\

But you know what, That is all past. "Future is so bright I have to wear shades". Maybe my school life suck. So what? I'll make it up in University. I made that promise since the first day in University. And now I have a better life, the freedom I want and good friends that are there in times of happiness and sorrow.

And for that, I am very grateful.

until then.