Friday, July 24, 2009

New speaker Baby!

Today sure is a tiring day.
Went to Lowyat Plaza with nasrul(budak 28) to buy some so call 'electronic stuff'. Me? I went there with a hope to buy a laptop cooler and a 2.1 speaker. Okay we should suppose to gather at the KTM Subang Jaya at 10a.m, but then since slept late chatting with HAHAHAH, I arrived there 30 minutes later with sweat all over my body, rushing maa(I hate to be late fyi).

Okay boring stuff. After that, went to subang parade, bla bla bla then move to KTM back to take a train to KL Central. Then from there we went to lowyat plaza via Monorail. Gagaga. My first time. Arrived at lowyat, went to Times Square (First time also ) and OMG, it's big. Hahaha. Lot's of discount, especially cloth. Arghh. Why la go shopping for cloth early, ish.

After Friday prayer at somewhere in KL, finally went to Lowyat. Haha. Miss that place, the smell, the people, EVERYTHING!

In the end of the day things that i bought are

- Laptop Cooler
- 2.1 Sonic Gear Speaker
- Mouse Pad
- D5000, okay i lied. This was never on my buying list(wish list ada yer, D5000, D90 pon boley aha.)

So much of my 100 ringgit. Haha. Lucky me it was sponsored by my father. Terima Kasih!

Above: What I got for below RM100, A speaker, laptop cooler, mouse pad and a screen cleaner.

I'm not gonna talk about the laptop cooler as it is 'cikai' brand only(wanted to buy zalman or Mastercooler but....Its way over my budget..sad sad). Then I got myself a Sonic Gear EGO 3nity. A 2.1 system speaker for only Rm55.

Yeah I know it sound terribly silly. Regardless it's stupid name, it was a rather nice looking speaker you know. Even the creative or Logitec speaker are less good-looking than this one. Well to be honest I was aiming for a better brand like Edifier or Antec Lansing but then my hope was CRUSHED like a piece of paper. The most cheapest one I can found cost more than my budget which is rm100. And it's just a Stereo speaker with no subwoofer? Huh. Nevermind, maybe when I have more money I'll but one with 2.1 system. Anyway, here some picture of my purchase.

Above: I get it, I have a Mickey Mouse cupboard.

Above: Simple math, 2 + 0.1 = 2.1 speaker.

Above: So much of everything.

Above: I'll wait for you, even if you are far away :P

Overall the system is very good. I love it nevertheless the bad comment from some people in the internet. I got to LOVE the sub woofer. Yeah, I'm going to bring this baby back to my university. My room should be a tiny disco after this. Disco ball next! Hahaha. Kidding.

Sorry to disappoint you, this post is mainly about my little baby. Huhuhu. I get it, It's boring when it comes to this kinda stuff. I know. Gah! Tomorrow ada outing lagi. Tiring week. Huhuhuhu

Until Then~

p/s: Cuti tinggal brapa hari lagi laa.

Thursday, July 23, 2009



I have a driving test. Yup. The second time. Eeeeaaaahhhh?? Don't tell me you? Yup. I failed it once. Bad memory bad memory.

And I'm pissed off right now! I've been waiting for nearly 6 hours in the canteen doing nothing. Just waste of my time. In the end. Haish, it's freaking waste of time!!!!!
I still have gazillion of work to do but hey, I just wast my precious 6 hour like that. Cool. Do you know how precious that time is??? 6 hours? Damn, I can play CS, bowling, watching a movie, shopping and window shopping for that long period.(Kalau Taman Maju transformed into a Sunway Pyramid takpe la gak, boleh gi lepak slalu..kekeke). Lucky me there is a place for me to take a nap. Yeah! boleh top-up tido balik :D

2 O'clock move to the hall for a little announcement and crap. Boring stuff. Queue for quite sometime then the moment arrives. This time the tester is a woman(again.) and definitely not a kind one, well woman..pfft. They are known to have special characteristic that are shown SOMETIMES :S Oh sorry officer. I'm a bit moody right now. Grr..

15 minutes passed. I passed. Eeeeaaah?? Hahaha. I know, I should be happy. (sajer nak buat post yg HOT skit. gagaga) :D

Above: me on the left in the next few years, driving a bentley =P

Now i'm really happy. No more officer watching my every steps when I'm driving..huhu. Uh. tired tired gler. Tomorrow going to shopping heaven for geeks, Lowyatt plaza. Hahaha.

Until Then~

p/s: holiday dah nak abis la..huhuhu

Tuesday, July 21, 2009



- You Can go out whenever, wherever you want!
- Your life is mainly dedicated for studies ;p
- You sleep with assignment, tutorial & Homework in mind
- boleh main counter malam sabtu >D
- CS is like main source of entertainment............not really.
- Noisy with people screaming(when they died playing CS)
- Maggi, Coffee and Milo are your best friends.
- Insect proven to be very VERY annoying!
- Sleep at 3 at normal basis
- Wake up at 7 at normal basis
- YM is a normal phenomenon at E-01-24 during mid-night
- People like to use your YM to chat with girls :S
- Messy room is normal
- Internet is the main problem that give you a headache.
- Internet drives you nuts.
- Competition is high.
- Transportation is like heaven(especially in the evening)
- People comparing you with other is common.
- Smart ASS is SMART.
- Last minute work is normal(the later the work the normal it become)
- Early work is something Mouth-Gaping
- Speaking in English is a must (yeah rite...)
- Taman Maju is like Sunway pyramid/ KLCC/ MidValley minus all the good scenery, great shops and entertainment.
- Everyone is a SMART ass.
- Weekend is like weekday minus the class.
- Weekend is not relaxing.
- Laptop is a must!
- Laptop cooler is important
- Night classes is very relaxing.
- Lecture is the best place to sleep.
- Tutorial is the 2nd best place to sleep.
- Passing through the 'Pak Guard' is like smuggling a packet of drugs illegally...
- Everyone like to YM.
- We are forced to use G-talk
- 24/7 is not enough
- Harsh word is common.
- We don't have senior until this holiday
- Super bike is common.
- Getting good grades is normal(for others)
- SAS, SMESH, STAR & ASIS are the best school!
- SMK is the worst
- USJ is nowhere
- Money is like everything
- Washing cloth is like WTF?
- IRC closed a 5pm?
- You've been living in Savanna
- Music is relaxing
- Chemistry is good. lol.
- A lot of quote can be learn from Mr. Samsul, Pre-Calculus lecturer
- Plagiarism is like normal
- Chemistry class is the best time for (you-know-what)
- Outside News is very rare.
- Getting up from sleep is very hard.
- Alarm clock never rang
- Call lab is Virus heaven
- Call lab is no place to have fun(even youtube is blocked)
- Teh Ais is FTW!
- Onemanga is popular

Other Category

- Everybody knows Rafiqa
- Nik Haris is teh so called master of Paintball
- Nas is the brilliant one.
- Leman is our driver
- Fazli love to flirt
- Syahmi/ Syah/ Syamat has many names
- Azman is rempit with super bike
- Some girls like to talk crap a lot
- Loga is not an indian(he's my roomate fyi)
- C.A is a top-up guy
- Chubby Sekolah Anak Sumpit( I wonder why)
- Mamu student terhebat ASIS
- Putera love riding his scooter around a corner
- Acap loves to involve in an accident
- Apiz hebat CS
- Razlan love to eat & play dota
- Ajieb pakar menyelam & timbul

seriously i have a lot of works to do now. huhuhu.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Journey to meet the King

King is definitely a very extravagant word yeah? No, I'm not going to get my Datuk title so soon. Ha ha ha ha. Stop. You're getting annoying Hanif.

It's scientific name is Durian schedapinyes.

Don't say you just believe me..

Okay yeah, back to the topic, i went back to my hometown in the search for the king of the fruits. It's Durian of course. I've been dying to eat durian well since the last time i ate the fruit, back at the Hari Keluarga V6. lol. I'm sure that everyone dislike durian, well, not all of them. Maybe because of their smells or whatever I don't know. But still you people can't deny the fact that it is delicious and yummy(especially the thick yellow color one. cooldown man.)

Golden looking durian.. I wonder how delicious it is...


Well maybe because i was born in Kampung Durian Sebatang in Raub, Pahang ,that I love eating the king of the fruit.

Okay, we started our journey quite late than the estimated time, just because I woke up pretty late(come on, I've been sleeping for less than 5 hours for entire last week.) since the other night i was busy chatting, i mean doing homework. Huhuhuhu.

Not yet full okay.

Arrived at my kampung around 12 noon, mingle for a while, eating few durians then move on the Kebun where all the king's have their meeting =p

Since I'm too tired( and lazy) to tell everything, therefore i'll cut to the end of the story. Plenty of Durians in my house now. haha. (Siapa duk dekat tu dtg la rmh, boleh makan durian, selain izzatul la, for you i give watermelon. haha =P)

Well, my mid sem break has just started fyi. Okay, time for a little break. hahaha. feel free to ask me out ya my kawan

Unitl Then~

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Evaluation & The aftermath....

Test is finished. My evaluation on this first semester of my foundation year have been done. Now I just have to wait for the result to come out. The wait is something deadly as it consume yourself throughout the process. But, the wait is something worth for, if, you happen to try your best..

Pehhh...mcm essay, BI pulak. haha. It's bored to start an entry with welcome intro and all that "nerd" stuff..haha.

Enough with the crap, let's move on shall we...


My favorite class.... to sleep. zzzz. No-lah, I'm not like my other friends who find Dr.Bambang class a pretty good time to take a nap. (Budak baik la katakan =p). Anyway, I think I did quite some number of mistake, careless mistake!!!

Darn. Thank god, the chapter that comes out is the easy and the early part. I'll assure you, i'm going to have a difficult time answering the test if chapter 4 is included. Atomic Energy Level FTW!

[Target : so so la. Cannot remember what the total marks :S 40 I guess..]


The most difficult subject other than add-math back at school. But here in UTP, alhamdullilah , I enjoy the subject, just have a little difficulty on accepting the concept and stuff. Huhuhu.
The test was okayy. That's what all people says.

[Target : 20/30]

[Result : 21/30] hahaha.


Not an easy subject definitely, but I think i did quite well though. Just waiting for the result then.

[Target : 20/30]


Ada test juga ker? hahaha.

Until Then~

p/s: Cuti cuti balik Subang!!! Yay!! Kawan UTP ku, rajin2 la bukak YM. boleh kita berhubung..huhuhu. Yang lain pun jangan lupa. X kesah la Budak UIA ker, matrix ker =D

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Uh.. It's examination week here in UTP for foundation students. Luckily the exams or what i prefer to call as test, is not similar to what i've been experiencing in school for the past 11 years. Maybe because the subject are lesser(4 compared to 10!!! OMG)

Again, the environment during the exam week is very different from school. You know, all foundation students here came from different places in malaysia, some are even foreigner, and they came from the BEST school in Malaysia. Damn. The competition here is very very HIGH. budak SAS, ASIS dan STAR hebat gler doww..

I've already finish my chemistry test 1, and i dont think i can score much, but definitely do better in the test compared to the quiz...

Physics Test 1 is just around the corner. And im writing something in my blog. Good idea Hanif!

Pre-Calculus Test 1 is next wednesday. Wish me luck here.

Te best thing bout all of this test is that, after these exam there is gonna be holiday! Hurrah!
I love holiday. Especially when you really need some break from all this ______(insert appropriate bad word here) studies...

Oh oh. The holiday. Can't wait for this. You know izzatul, im looking foward for this holiday=D
I better make a Darn good plan for this short break. I can't waste this 1 week of holiday doing crap. Need to fill my entertainment bar. lol.

Ok, back to reality hanif. You have tons of revision to do.

Until then~