Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Uh.. It's examination week here in UTP for foundation students. Luckily the exams or what i prefer to call as test, is not similar to what i've been experiencing in school for the past 11 years. Maybe because the subject are lesser(4 compared to 10!!! OMG)

Again, the environment during the exam week is very different from school. You know, all foundation students here came from different places in malaysia, some are even foreigner, and they came from the BEST school in Malaysia. Damn. The competition here is very very HIGH. budak SAS, ASIS dan STAR hebat gler doww..

I've already finish my chemistry test 1, and i dont think i can score much, but definitely do better in the test compared to the quiz...

Physics Test 1 is just around the corner. And im writing something in my blog. Good idea Hanif!

Pre-Calculus Test 1 is next wednesday. Wish me luck here.

Te best thing bout all of this test is that, after these exam there is gonna be holiday! Hurrah!
I love holiday. Especially when you really need some break from all this ______(insert appropriate bad word here) studies...

Oh oh. The holiday. Can't wait for this. You know izzatul, im looking foward for this holiday=D
I better make a Darn good plan for this short break. I can't waste this 1 week of holiday doing crap. Need to fill my entertainment bar. lol.

Ok, back to reality hanif. You have tons of revision to do.

Until then~


  1. yeahhhh
    come on mechians
    make cegu samsul 'proud'

  2. come on mechy.. This is for your future..
    hahah. mmg nak tunjuk kat mr.samsul bukan dia jer yg hebat. >o