Saturday, June 27, 2009

" I Rise, You Fall "

See the Tagline above? Yeahh! I LOVE it..hahaha.

In my point of view Revenge of the fallen or ROTF is a very good summer movie of this year. I'll recommended it for everyone above 13.

Okay.. Since i've been dying to watch the movie for the past 11 month. The first movie was awesome i would day, but the second one is better, in some way.

I started going out at 9 o'clock, but then like usuall, the bus came late. Luckly I arrived at Sunway by 10. Seeing not so many people is standing in line, I with the speed of light(mcm betui jer) que to get the ticket. After a while, buy the ticket for 11.30 slot. Its almost full, but lucklily i went there single, so i have a seat in the back.

I've done my review before. I'll just copy-paste my review in Gforum, but if u want to read other review from other forum member please do visit this link

Ehem! Lets start will ya.



look at those...engines

- the intro was quite good eventhough i don't like the original bio-metal form of the transformer. It is a little bit dull for the first moment, not like the last time.(Last time was quite good, bee meeting Sam for the first time).
I nearly collapse watching megan fox in her shorts X__X .I wish my university hostel like theirs, but then this is malaysia. haha. j/k


To be honest, it doesn't have the feeling of EPICness like Gurren Lagann finale battle, but its level of awesomeness is far beyond what i've imagined. Watching more autobots in action sure does makes me excited. Watching jetfire gattai with prime is indeed the most awesome part of the film IMO. I wish there is more introduction to the other autobot like Jolt(chevy Volt), Archee(bike twins) and the new corvette concept car. Soundwave. Why didn't you fight along you ⑨ satellite!! :x Wanting to see you in action..haish.

grr.. Imma Decepticon.

Battle was indeed great nevertheless the movement were more than meet the eye. meaning its fast paced. Optimus have quite the spot light for this movie, not like last time. 3 vs 1 battle in the forest was little EPIC in my opinion. Sadly optimus died after that. huhuhu.

Megatron. OH. the badass seems to be a little, okayy more like a lot weaker than before. Even the tanks can beat his ass. The fallen suck. You are ugly :cry: . Period. Moving on.

I found the storyline was very good, but the way Bay put the scene in place were not good enough for the movie this hyped. Again i see more human firepower rather than the transformers. US showing their Railgun, UAV ans stuff. LOL. I want to see more gattai transformers!!!!!


Ah. Even though it is 2 and 1/2 hour the movie somewhat feels short. Better than the previous installment. Half into the movie, then the action begins.

Hilarious Moment

Very very entertaining movie i would say. The jokes was funny (especially the one when the small decepticon "doing" something to Mikeala leg. Darn that was hilarious :lol: :lol: . Not to mention Leo funny moment in the toilet :mrgreen: . Who ever expected that??)

Last Words

To me its a very good summer movie for this year. Sadly i didn't have the time to watch terminator salvation, so i can't compare it directly. Again, this movie is great. Waiting in the long line does pays.
And lastly, Mikaela RULES! Your level of hotness and cuteness never fails me.(love the moment when she asking the small decepticon to show her the ancient transformer. awww) :D

wanting to watch more, but then i have to go back to UTP..huhu. Torrent search activate.

[4.5 / 5.0]

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