Friday, June 19, 2009

1 week afta

Cam whoring. Again. Afta washing cloths.hahaha

Hello again everyone.

Yay! Its weekends!! I've never had a sense of grateful of weekend since the last time in school. But then, my weekends, sadly, filled up pile of assignment, homework, and revision.

Argh.. Everyday is a tiring day. Dang! The weather here is like, i don't know how to describe it, maybe Desert?? More like Wasteland. Wasteland okayy.. The air here especially in the afternoon is very dry!


Class this week were quite plausible i can say. Pre-Calculus class was like always, confusing! Chemistry, zzzzzz time for most of the students. Yeah. People get sleepy fast in Dr. Bambang class. Ya! Even people in front you know! (nasrul-nasrul hahaha).

Physics were AWSOME! i like physics class. Yeah! Pn. Noorhana is someone i would say, deserve the title 'Professor'. Seriously, she thought physics in an aspect of life. I'm seriously admired her eventhough she looks a little 'malas' at first.


Life here is tough i can say. For the first time, i felt im the stupidest(im not sure this word is available or not ) in the class. Seriously! This worst than back then in school. Students here are all straight A's student okayy!!!!!!

Imma planning to watch Transformers : Revenge of the fallen next week at Ipoh. YAY!!! Hopefully i can release some stress from all those studies!

One more thing, I just want to say, UTP landscape is SUPERB. I found this spot near the lake at the main entrance that is very beautiful. Seriously & Amazingly Beautiful. Like that someone iz=P
Don't have the picture yet, but i'll try taking some photo for the next post..wee.

I guess that all for now. Gtg to my friend room to do some assignment.

Until then-

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  1. iz??? hehe...u know who...
    same here dude, the weather here i can say almost like egypt.. during the day,the kinetic energy is increase dramatically thus the attraction force between us (students)with books is far apart... but as my lecturer said, as i can recall' awk nie semua students matrics,kena tahusemua benda!!!) Dang.. i felt like a spear struck my cardio!!!

    we have to do the veru best 2 achieve our aim rite!!!!