Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Hello everyone!

Finally, the internet line in my block is back online. yeah!!! Now i don't have to go to IRC just to online ;D

Like I promised i'll be uploading moar picture on UTP on the Minggu Aluan Siswa.

Being Facee for the last time

IRC i mention before

B5+6 buddies/sme course. From left Mokri, Syah, Lan, and Nas

Facilitators doing 'spiritual dance' just after the OATH taking ceremony

Tour Round Campus

Undercroft. Sacred Basement a.k.a Examination Hall

Chanselor Hall from inside

For now my schedule was not so busy, yes we have to run here and there for now(to register out tutorial, call lab, and buying the thick and heavy text book. Yes. Try pilling up all your books from form1 to form 5. Yes! Its that thick.)

For now im truly enjoying my moment here in UTP. Even though i've never went to boarding school, MRSM, ASIS, or MCKK but still, i somewhat didn't felt homesick.

Hahaha. I even wash my own cloth(yes. Its a big deal, to me okayy.) Although i only wash it like 'cincai' only but, Wash is still wash right???

I guess thats all i can say for now. Better get going. Have some excercise needed to finish.

Until Then~~


  1. hehe, though i am MJSC's student
    it doesn't mean that I love
    to wash my cloth by hand

  2. haha.. same lah kite.. tapi aku waktu first day tuh agak homesick skit ar.. lame2 dah biase dah.. dah anggap cam rumah sendiri..

    still.. umah sendiri adelah lebih best.. huhu..

    aku rase aku bertuah psl setakat nih subjek2 yg aku belaja lecturer2 aku kate takyah beli buku ape2.. woohooo~~

    tapi aku ttp rase architecture mmg kene ade buku.. kalo takde buku yg ttp.. aku rase ade buku yg aku rase kalo tak dipakse beli pun aku ttp beli.. (berbelit gak percakapan aku.. hahaha..)

    kenal mohd hanis bin roslan affandi?? course ict kalo tak silap aku..

    student utp baper org ek semuenye?? ade ribu2?

  3. farizzadi > atleast youu know how to do it properly..haha. no offence here..

    f-one-r > batch aku ada dlm 400 lebey. yg tgh cuti ni(senior) dlm 2000 lebey.

    buku dia gler,3 text book dah 200 lebey.kering!

  4. sempat gak ek ko tngkp2 gmbr..
    huhu..ko platoon mane?

  5. platoon B5...hahah. ek ko ni saper?