Saturday, June 20, 2009

HELP university (not related)

People! I need some suggestion now.

Like in every university, we need a matric card yea, to show our identification. So it like this, im going to make my matric card as early as sunday, or maybe monday.

The thing is, i have 2 name to choose. Yep!


yes! the actual name. Familiar with this one for quite some time now. But then I think its to common. But its easier to be called by girls right? hahaha!


hahaha. new title i get from UTP member. Just because i wear my red nike futsal-wear with K.H written at the back, i think they think that K.H is my title back in the high school. But then, its quite original when you think of it. And some of my friends have started to call me by that name.

So thats it. Which one should i choose???
Help please?!


  1. hanif pleaseee. sbb kh tu pendek sgt. tolong la nak hanif. ceh, siap pakse lgi. haha

  2. KH sounds good.
    I mean there's lots of hanif out there, but only one KH.
    So, go for KH. like me, going for Q. Ha-ha

  3. > arlina

    hahaha. siap paksa2 lgi nih >: baru satu hanif.

    > Qistina

    1 KH.

    skrang tgh sama nih..need moar! XDD

  4. letak je name SPACE.. kalo aku aku letak name tuh.. huhu..

    sygnye aku takleh letak name F-ONE-R pade matrik card aku.. jadi aku letak IRFAN>> hehe.. tapi sampai skang tak dpt2 lagi matric card aku..

  5. >f one r

    hahaha.. mmg x ah. nanti diorang ingat aku ni apa??? ruang ker?
    lagipun derang x tau nama nick aku kt alam maya..hahaha

  6. hanif,
    cik de pun nak menyibuk..

    one vote for hanif from cik de
    one vote for hanif from ayah de
    one vote for hanif from izzah your cute cousin...

    so kira 3 votes la tu... aci tak? muahhhaa haa..ha

    btw, if you're looking for uniqueness, i guess K'Han or K'hanif would do... KH is just to plain boring...ho..ho.

  7. > cik de

    ayoo. hanif is leading now more than 8 vote now + the unofficial one.

    K'han? mcm nama bollywood jep. haha. rupa dah ada dah.ceyyy XDD

  8. betul betul betul! rupa dah ada tu... hencem..ahaks *pengsan*...ha..ha..ha!