Thursday, June 25, 2009

Problem Solved~

Last time

Still remember about the Matrix card thinggie? yeah. Its been settled. Haha.

Guess what name do i put on my matrix card..heheh.
It is weird to find that my picture on my matrix card looks relatively different. Really different. But i still wanted to show thew picture to all of you to be amazed.

Yes. Go on. Fire me. Throw me egg, flour or whatever you like to throw. haha. This is just for promotional purpose only la. Don't get angry with me Rain-fan!

So, because my picture turn out to be much hotter version of myself, so i decided to make a new one. It cost me 3o ringgit but then, I am happy with the result.


"Im so excited! And I`can't help it"

Lol. Somewhat i turn out to be bumblebee. haha.

Because my wallet is already empty, so i decided not to make any new matrix card for now. Lol. I'll make a new one when i have the mood again.

btw, i'm blogging live in my house. Yah! Going home yesterday, and tomorrow have to go back to UTP... Somewhat i miss UTP. Yeah. really.

I guess thats all for now.



  1. ishh
    terkejut gak muka sme ngan rain...

  2. keh..keh..keh..comel la muka bumblebee.. tak yah tukar dah muka tu.

  3. oh iya ka?
    boy or girl??
    btw,, mtrix card ko tu...
    pe gune ko tutup nama kt pic rain but ada kat transformer???