Saturday, May 30, 2009


Aww mann.. Damn. Im really feeling sick right now.

Arghhh. Darn. It suck.

Btw, people! Im at perak now. Yay! Guess what, im staying at the same hotel as last time(before the interview). But this sickness i've just had really is killing me now.

My stomach, my body, my head!!!!!

Well, tomorrow is the UTP registration day, but seriously im felling sick like fever + stomach ache..

Im fell like crying now.

Anyway, i'll try to update my blog tomorrow if i have some time.

Yes. Nearly the same room.

I'd better get going.. Need my rest now.

Monday, May 25, 2009


Suicide?? Lol. Thats defenietly a catchy titles. Lol. Im not going to say anything related to killing-myself-in-1001-ways. Lol.

Enough of the cheap talk.


Ok! This week gonna be the most tiring, enjoying, sux, and scary week i've EVER had this year. Well, sort off. This is my schedule for your info my little rabbit.

Monday -

Today i went to the theater to watch "Night at the Museum 2 : (Put the correct title here)". I got to say, it was hillarious. Eventhough it is quite funny, the mocie still sux in my opinion. Lol. No offence here fan but, it doesnt have the 'Aura' that some comedy movies like Pall Blart : Mall Cop, and The Uninvited do(The Uninvited is very funny. Trust me on this. You'll see a lot of movie prop in the movie. Aside from that, it is very dark and suspense. sh*t)

Tuesday -

Tomorrow evening i'll be attending driving class, infact probably the last driving class before the JPJ test. Yay!

Wednesday -

Actually I got nothing to do this day, but im planning on watching Terminator Salvation until i realised the shows is all at night. lol. Plan Fail. I guess i'll be packing my stuff up on wednesday.

Thursday -

Doomsday. Wait, doomsday is on Friday. Okay. Its JPJ test day. Freak out people.

Friday -

Its Friday im in Love. I love that song, which is.............not related to this post.

Doomsday. Wait, the big signs havent completed. Maybe this wont happen but who knows??
Anyway, Packing up and checking up shall be done on today. Darn. Have to go to friday prayer also. Seeing my friends for the last time. lol. That sounds emo. haha.

Saturday -

Perak! here I come!!! Going perak a day early so that we can have a short vacation! Great!
Nothing to do this day except for preparing all the things necessary.

Sunday -

Registration day!! New life! New friends! New enviroment! Luv it! Cant wait for this day to come.

Hell, its a very 'pack' week but nevertheless im going to enjoy this moment well enough.


All the best to all, especially to Imran, Irfaan, Irfan(f-on-r), Izzatul, PIJA(nak jgk), Amanina and Shamil(shax), whos just left last week. Lol. Izzatul, jangan lupa pergi check gigi, nanti berkarat laks =P

All the Best and Until Then~~~

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Randum Entry

Seriously im freaking out right now. The anxiety of going to university and start my studies again really killed me slowly.

This week i had quite a lot of activities


Well, since i'll be going on my NEW life a.k.a College life pretty soon, I decided(more like my mom forced me) to clean up my dirty, dusty and yet the best room i've ever had.

The cleaning was tiring enough since i have to swap some furniture to another place. Overall, it was fun(haha. fun apanya asyik bersin jer) and youre lucky my reader because you'll get a chance of a lifetime to see my room.



Okay, just a little bit of changes. Nothing much. Nevertheless it look better than last time.


Yay! Its shopping time. The best time if i dont have to shell out my own money for it. As expected this time we(more like my father) spend more than 1K for everything necessary for university. Loled. I bought 3 pair of shoes, erk more like 2 pair of shoes and a pair of sandal. So i'll bring like 5 pair of shoes to UTP. *Lightning struck!*

Its a very tiring day considering, my newly addicted-rockband friends forcefully ask me to join them for jamming. Jamming on plastic toys fyi.

New lappy, kinda

Lappy? A new one? Hooraay. NOT! Man, i really though of having a new laptop. But my father dont want to buy me new one, since im too young to handle a new one. So he gave me(or lend me) his rm6k Toshiba Satellite M50.

rm6k? WOW! 4 years old? MEH!

I dont care if its 4 years old already. If i can play some light games and doing simple task as wrting, photo editing and play some music, its more than enough for my first year. I guess its the best choice for me. I dont want to screw up my first year of foundation playing crysis and Left4Dead in my lappy all the time. Oh well~

Oh yeah, i'll be blogging live(insyaallah) from my room in UTP if the wi-fi strength is good enough in my room for the first and second day. Keep tuning on okay.


Its officially 6 day left before my registration day in University Teknologi Petronas. Packing will be done few days before saturday, since we(my family) will be going to Perak this Saturday for a very short holiday. Oh man!

But look at the bright side. I get to stay at a nice hotel FTW!

Im surely gonna miss everything i have now. No more ugly betty, no more desperate housewife, no more smallville, no more crazy long sleep at morning, no more internet lurking entire day, no more pondok-pondok and wonderpets. Dang! "Wonderpets, Woderpets kami datang" =<

Uhh. the date for my farking JPJ test is still a mystery. Whether its on this upcoming thursday, which will be the day Terminators arrive on cinema or next thursday, which i'll be going to attend MAS(Minggu Aluan Siswa) at UTP. CRAP JPJ!! I want to do my test before i leave my home.

I guess thats all i can talk aboout for now.

Until then~

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Im a happy now, but sad at the same time.

The result for PILN is out last friday. Still cant believe with the result. Oh well. Things happen for a reason right? No? I dont care anymore. I just want to study and forget all the troubles.
Oh yeah. I still fell bad about not getting PILN so i made this.

Seriously after that i felt very good(im lying). Then somehow got this rumour saying that if a student recieved offer from PETRONAS he/she will never ever get scholarship offer from MARA. That sound crazy right?

For now im just freaking tired of this. I dont want PILN anymore. Screw you PILN.

I guess im really going to UTP for real. Oh well. Atleast i can meet whole lot of new friends and move on with life.

hehehehe. For your info imma going this 31 may. Sayonara people. Its been a great journey so far, eventhough the journey quite suck.

Well, going to update soon before leaving home. Maybe after the intake i wont be online-ing as much as i usually do. Oh well. Oh well what can i do. I dont know how many time i said this but, Oh well~

(And best off luck to all my friends who is going to continue study this month.
Also congratulations to Muiz and Ridhwan for securing scholarship for PILN. Happy and jealous of you guys dammit!!)

until then~

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Im currently working on a new template, background and headers for my blog. What do you think of the new one ha??
I know its great. You cant deny it. hahaha.

Anyway, still waiting for my PILN result which I have been waiting like forever??! Heard this rumour that it will be out this friday and then again today, heard another rumour saying its next monday. Great!!
Guess have to wait for the MARA officer to call me or something huh?

Nothing much to say. Just GOODLUCK and ALL THE BEST for those who are leaving for the higher education!!! Im preety damn jealous of you guys! Im freaking bored now!

Thats all for now...

Until Then~

Friday, May 8, 2009

*pew pew*

GODSPEED to Matriculation people

Invitation to the OWSOME



today is really a great day for me.haha.guess what, i got the scholarship from petronas!! wait what? Does tht means i dont have to go to matrix and UiTM penang?? I MEAN REALLY NOT GOING???? yes! yes! yes! Thank you sister(i dont know your name) for calling me just to inform i got the place in UTP for mechanical engineering! gosh!

This is unbelievable! Laptop Loan, here i come baby!!!


I guess today is my lucky day after all..haha..thanks everyone. I guess i wont be your company at UiTM penang afterall, Nazrin. haha. sorry about that!


You know what? Yesterday is the most tiring day ive had this entire week. I spend quite a lot of money yesterday btw.
We(me, nazrin, qayyum) went Sunway Pyramid to have fun for the last time i think, before all of us further our studies.

First off we watched X-men:orgin. I love the show, but i prefer more action from the side-character like deadpool, wade atc. The movie is quite fun to watch if you happen to like previous X-men installation.

Skating on Ice

Anyway, few moment after that we(me and nazrin) went to wet our pants in a game of ice skating, well except im the one who wet my pants the entire 2 and a half hour.

Suprisingly, we met ridhwan and the gang(zamir, muiz, adham,dzarrif). I was unhappy to know thay didnt ask me to join them, but nahh, im already there so what the heck? This session of ice-skating was fun,well mainly because i can finally FINALLY skating without the help of the fence.ha ha ha.

As always, my foot hurt badly due to my 'noob'ness in skating.
It was fun, really, eventhough my pants was nearly soaked in water. Not to mention i have my P2 and handphone in my pocket. lala. nevermind, the phone is already old. Daddy can i get a new one? I got the petronas scholarship already, right?


After some tiring and breaking-my-foot session, we had our dinner. Somewhat that sound terribly wierd.

Later on we again went to watch movies. But this time, we watch the sci-fi epic galaxy movie, TEH STAR TREK! You have to admit it man, it was awsome aighht? But let me remind you, do bring some shades when watching the movie, because its freaking flaring your eyes!!

After a few *pew pew* moments, we finally headed home. The bus ride was like always, boring and long.
Went home, had my prayer, then the best thing comes. I cannot sleep.

haha. weird right? Its like ive taken drugs or something until i cannot sleep. Im very tired but somehow cannot sleep. As the last resort, pluck my ears with IEM, pump out the volume of the P2, BAM! sleep as sound!

Woke up at 11. Like always, but i had my subuh prayer okay! Read the newspaper.GREAT! its about perak again.WTF cant they made a new state election dammit. My eyes and ears are bleeding already.
That was all of it. Crap! i wrote an essay again. ha ha. sh*t got driving class today *yawn* Darn, got gathering today. Got Rockband 'session' today.

Weirdly today i got quite a lot of invitation.haha. UTP, Rockband, more tiring day.What i need.hmm

until then~
live long and prosper!

glad you like those stuff izzatul =D

Monday, May 4, 2009






oh gosh~
i just recieved this few days ago, and im dying not to go to matrix.

Yeah, i screw up with the choice of UPU. I really want to take diploma probably because im a slow learner (and i want to enjoy me university life moar), but if UiTM doesnt offer 'shorcut'(take diploma 3 years,degree time cut to half) for my degree,then it gonna be troublesome. Yeah REALLY! 7 years just to finish my degree against normal 5 years if i finished my degree by taking matrix.

Now my parents really pushing me to go to daddy, I rather go kindergarden then having a school life for one more year..arghhhh.

Anyway, the sponsorship result for UTP will be out this Friday(why it has to be this late??)
Im really hoping i get the offer. Please! Im dying right here!!

The scholarship from MARA for PILN will be out somewhere in third week of may.

So basically, now i have to prepare to go to kolej matrikulasi melaka if

1. I dont have a chance to change my course from diploma kejuruteraan mekanikal to asasi kejuruteraan

2. I dont get scholarship form PETRONAS

3. no scholarship from MARA for PILN

suck to be me.huhuhuhuhu.

until then~