Sunday, May 17, 2009


Im a happy now, but sad at the same time.

The result for PILN is out last friday. Still cant believe with the result. Oh well. Things happen for a reason right? No? I dont care anymore. I just want to study and forget all the troubles.
Oh yeah. I still fell bad about not getting PILN so i made this.

Seriously after that i felt very good(im lying). Then somehow got this rumour saying that if a student recieved offer from PETRONAS he/she will never ever get scholarship offer from MARA. That sound crazy right?

For now im just freaking tired of this. I dont want PILN anymore. Screw you PILN.

I guess im really going to UTP for real. Oh well. Atleast i can meet whole lot of new friends and move on with life.

hehehehe. For your info imma going this 31 may. Sayonara people. Its been a great journey so far, eventhough the journey quite suck.

Well, going to update soon before leaving home. Maybe after the intake i wont be online-ing as much as i usually do. Oh well. Oh well what can i do. I dont know how many time i said this but, Oh well~

(And best off luck to all my friends who is going to continue study this month.
Also congratulations to Muiz and Ridhwan for securing scholarship for PILN. Happy and jealous of you guys dammit!!)

until then~


  1. hey.
    at least u managed to get utp.
    some of my friend also like u.
    didn't get it bcoz of utp.
    n seriously,
    they're better than me.

    but then,
    all da best in chosing ur new life.

  2. Oh well. Not my luck. Nvrmd. I'll forget it with time.
    Congratz btw to you.