Sunday, May 24, 2009

Randum Entry

Seriously im freaking out right now. The anxiety of going to university and start my studies again really killed me slowly.

This week i had quite a lot of activities


Well, since i'll be going on my NEW life a.k.a College life pretty soon, I decided(more like my mom forced me) to clean up my dirty, dusty and yet the best room i've ever had.

The cleaning was tiring enough since i have to swap some furniture to another place. Overall, it was fun(haha. fun apanya asyik bersin jer) and youre lucky my reader because you'll get a chance of a lifetime to see my room.



Okay, just a little bit of changes. Nothing much. Nevertheless it look better than last time.


Yay! Its shopping time. The best time if i dont have to shell out my own money for it. As expected this time we(more like my father) spend more than 1K for everything necessary for university. Loled. I bought 3 pair of shoes, erk more like 2 pair of shoes and a pair of sandal. So i'll bring like 5 pair of shoes to UTP. *Lightning struck!*

Its a very tiring day considering, my newly addicted-rockband friends forcefully ask me to join them for jamming. Jamming on plastic toys fyi.

New lappy, kinda

Lappy? A new one? Hooraay. NOT! Man, i really though of having a new laptop. But my father dont want to buy me new one, since im too young to handle a new one. So he gave me(or lend me) his rm6k Toshiba Satellite M50.

rm6k? WOW! 4 years old? MEH!

I dont care if its 4 years old already. If i can play some light games and doing simple task as wrting, photo editing and play some music, its more than enough for my first year. I guess its the best choice for me. I dont want to screw up my first year of foundation playing crysis and Left4Dead in my lappy all the time. Oh well~

Oh yeah, i'll be blogging live(insyaallah) from my room in UTP if the wi-fi strength is good enough in my room for the first and second day. Keep tuning on okay.


Its officially 6 day left before my registration day in University Teknologi Petronas. Packing will be done few days before saturday, since we(my family) will be going to Perak this Saturday for a very short holiday. Oh man!

But look at the bright side. I get to stay at a nice hotel FTW!

Im surely gonna miss everything i have now. No more ugly betty, no more desperate housewife, no more smallville, no more crazy long sleep at morning, no more internet lurking entire day, no more pondok-pondok and wonderpets. Dang! "Wonderpets, Woderpets kami datang" =<

Uhh. the date for my farking JPJ test is still a mystery. Whether its on this upcoming thursday, which will be the day Terminators arrive on cinema or next thursday, which i'll be going to attend MAS(Minggu Aluan Siswa) at UTP. CRAP JPJ!! I want to do my test before i leave my home.

I guess thats all i can talk aboout for now.

Until then~


  1. pegi2
    slamat tinggal rumah
    ak bosan dok umah
    best2 gi uni

  2. haha.
    betul betul betul

    gler bosan.