Monday, May 31, 2010

May Allah bring down disaster to them.

Last night, i got this sms wishing us all muslims to pray and doa for the ship, namely Gaza Flotila that was responsible to ship all supply including medical, food, cloth and etc. I received the message quite late so i decided just to ignore it but i did pray in my heart that they will arrived safely toward their destination without any problem whatsoever.

As I was walking on the road toward Plaza Lowyatt, my handphone vibrates, indicating a sms just successfully being recieved. So i check, and i was very shock to know that, 3 have died and many have been injured. Masyaallah. Damn the isrealian army.

For your info, more than 50 countries gather all the supply and together sent all the needs in the ship, Gaza Flotia. Up until now, i heard that more than 16 died due to the attack done by the Israel army. Here some video i manage to get.

May Allah give peace to the dead and damn to the one's that are responsible for the attack.
If you have time, do pray for them so that all the supply are safe until the destination. Amin.

Sunday, May 30, 2010


In the middle of the night, after taking a late night shower, suddenly i was hit with an idea of baking cakes o___0

Yeah scary right? me, cake. Actually it have been since after SPM that I was hoping to work part time at the nearby cake house but then i didn't manage to get the job. Huh. Nevermind. Luckly Manhattan Fish Market though me a lot of things :)

Maybe i can be like Riko in Zettai Kareshi minus the so-called-hot robot bf. She does make, atleast what i think, very deliciously looking cream puff. mmmm.

Maybe if i'm lucky i can meet the Wondergirls in,

Or him

Okay i'm going nuts. Oh well. Does anyone know when our result will be out?? Kinda curious already :<

p/s: finally going to by camera stuff tomorrow :)

chocholate love

Oh, how love come's and go by. Now i'm no longer in love with the Kinder Bueno and BOSS milk coffee, but instead, i have a new passion.

Yes. Ice peach tea and Boost chocolate. I'm not saying that kinder bueno is bad, no but somewhat boost is much more satisfying to eat. Oh my, how i wish i had this in my fridge everyday :)

p/s: Pokka ice peach tea taste less sugary, Seasons one is much more nicer to have. Sadly cannot find it just now :(

p/s: since it is no longer studying season, i have to say goodbye to any type of coffee :|

Saturday, May 29, 2010

We will not go Down!

It was during the Minggu Aluan Siswa when i was given the chance to watch this video. It was very nice played, to me it was the first ever song, in english that was dedicated to Gaza, blood bath place where the damned Israels get their hand dirty by massacring many innocent people.

Here's the video. I hope it somewhat freshen your memory of what happen in this cruel world of our

Awesomly awesome

Just finished watching the last chapter of the ever awesome, funny and action packed, Chuck. I'm not really sure it's the last of the season but giving the 'awesome' factor in the bit end of the almost an hour show, i bet it is the last of the season.

Wow. I never though it could be this great. Last few episodes have been pretty much dry but the few last seems very much awesome. Why did i repetitively include awesome again? Lost of word already? hahaha. Thumbs up. Hope the upcoming season will be a blast.

Oh. this is not an update. Just releasing some 'awesomeness' i had due to the last episode. hahaha. Until then guys.


Oke hari ni saya buat rekod. Nak tido awal. Wehooo!!! Okay, mungkin ni smua tipu jer coz lepas ni bukak fb, bukak youtube, dgr lagu, men c.s tup tap tup tap dah kul 2. Mcm tak biasa pulak enn? Time kt uni pon sme ah. hmmm.

Rasanya dah lama x tulis blog dlm bm kn? Ntah mngapa mcm best plak tulis bm ni, maybe sebab dah berkurun x tulis dan kalau tulis pon ntuk mencaci. Eh, betul ke ni? hmm. siapa yg slalu baca tu tau la kn? kn?

Sebenarnya takde apa2 pon yg nak diupdate hari ni. Ahad ni mungkin pegi Youth'10 wlaupon tiket tak redeem lagi ni. Tak nak ouh bayar 20 ntuk masuk 1 hari jer. Bek pgi cuci muka, maksud saya cuci mata kat lowyatt ker, Sg. Wang ke. Don't get me wrong here, saya cuci mata melihat gadget, camera, lens, senang kata benda electronic. Prmpuan2 tak main la yer. Kalau yg kat KL tu, takat pandai skali imbas jer okay.

Duit dalam bank ada 2 ribu dan bukan nak mnunjuk, tapi ni yg nak cerita ni, lens dan speedlite dua dua plan nak angkat ahad ni. Total cost dianggarkan around 1.5k 0___0 Mungkin dlam budjet lgi tapi, apa nak buat ngan 500 tu??? Mati la saya dgn berbekalkan hanya 500 ntuk enjoy cuti. Kerja mls. hmmm. how how?

p/s: serius aku rasa blog ak x sedap dlm bm. hahaha. tak tau asal

Friday, May 28, 2010

related to your post

I'm not pointing fingers to anyone, no not even you. But if you have problem and your like me, perhaps not but you having difficulties in telling people what you feel, blog is somewhat a heaven where you can drop all your emotion, but with caution however.

I'm not mad or such thing but looking how you act, makes me even more confused. Blogging is one way to tell people indirectly of what you wanted, feeling, doubt, emotion. I do to. Despite having this blog known to public, yes including my siblings, parents and dear friends, never I think of shutting this blog, or even changing it's name to other so that they won't know too much about me.

Sure it's kinda awkward when you post some lovey dovey stuff and your siblings, maybe your annoyingly caring sister read you blog a lot and they happen to know what going on, but i don't mind. Because it's something i felt shy to share in person but in the same time, i wanted to share, wanted people opinion, guidance, help.

To that person, some do wanted to help, without any payback, okay maybe i wanted you to read my post sometimes, so don't just freely lock your blog whenever you wanted too. Sorry if this entry kinda attacking you directly. It was meant that way. Sorry again. I might not given the best possible advice but atleast i'm trying. And whatever happen, just remember there are people, who still care of you, course mate.

Until then :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

memory lane

current mode: Hujan - Kau Harus Ada

Few more days is the anniversary of me getting into UTP. haha. Time sure does come and go fast enough for us to realize it. I'm no longer the 'old' me, the less-social person, okay i'm still not that social but it was much better this time around. And I don't mean 'social' by going to club, pub, concert etc, but 'social' in which means talk more to people, share more and get to know more.




"O HAI KH :)"

Yes. My name also have evolved over the year from Hanif to merely, easy to remember and identify, KH that stands for Khairul Hanif. Where that name come you say? It was all because of that futsal jersey i wore during the MAS. yeah. Good times.




Would you believe that I was only one year old in photography. I bet only my schoolmate knew. It was a new hobby that I decided to grow in UTP as some involvement for the extra co-curricular activities. And guess what, it turn out good for me, most of the friends knew me of my 'photography' activity around the campus especially events involving the trimester students :) ceh poyokan diri sikit. hahaha



Me myself have evolved very much is I can say, every aspect and I am proud of it. Sure i still have difficulties handling big crowds but hell, most of the people do to right? Physically i can say, not much of changes happen, yeah my face getting more matured? Somewhat that sound funny. My weight does not change much sadly.

self whoring, innocent boy

More matured, smart looking, handsome, you name it ;p


For just one year, a lot has changed. Some are for good and some are for worst but there are still room for improvement for us all. For just one year i become someone i only wish before, but now standing on my own feet i can't wait for more to come. Goodbye foundation. Hello Undergraduate :)

Until then guys.

Malaysia musics

Is it me or the music from Malaysia is getting even better?

Estranged - Aurora

Tilu - kau bukan aku

Mirwana feat hujan - tika masanya

Hujan - Kau harus ada

Akim - Inilah cinta

Or is it comes only once in a while huh?? hmm. anyhow, let's enjoy these song :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

More time, supposedly more things to do

I think it is still not late to say,


I have been planning tonnes of choir and activities throughout this long holiday, sure throwing out word is something easy but then executing it is the most difficult part.


- Jogging everyday
- Make few more blog strictly for advertisement money making XD
- photography outing
- hanging out with oldies
- shopping for few stuffs
- diet plan(not to make me thinner btw)
- photo organizing and stuff
- more joined competition
- find way to make this boredom vanish
- Helping parent with choirs
- back to music downloading and searchin.
- more photoshop skills to be learned
- get in touch with schoolamate and yeah, UTP students
- started futsal again
- find a nice spot to play tennis
- finding a new tennis mate
- plan what to do on the new semester to come

(more to come, can't think of more for now)

I guess like it or not we have to use this time to our fullest! Again, Holi Holiday all! :)

p/s: still haven't see ironman 2 (T__T)
p/s: can't wait for my own speedlite

Sunday, May 23, 2010

M.A.S MAY 10

One week of my holiday, in fact a very precious one has gone by with Minggu Aluan Siswa May 2010 intake.

At first sure, I was like any other trimester students, eagerly waiting for their parents to get them home with all theirs heavy luggage just after the end of the last final paper which is, okay honestly i also already forgot about my last paper. But by the time you are reading this i am sure i'm already remember :p

Anyhow, let's talk about the "Pre- M.A.S" first

Pre - M.A.S

It all begin with the programmed called Training of the Trainers, TOT for short. Sorry to say, i miss all expect the last TOT session, but the last session also came late. Fazli, Apiz, Hassani and I went fishing (?) that particular night before the TOT session :D But still, i do think we perform as good as the facilitator that manage to came all the session :)


Like always, the first day of orientation is of course, reserved for registration of the new students. I was at shock really to know that the amount of people that came to UTP for this MAY 2010 batch is somewhat very less than mine, MAY 09 batch :D (horaah!)
But as far as we are concern the JPA and MARA students haven't arrived yet so, there are still possibilities of many very cute freshies :) okay i was just kidding. I'm not that type occay :/

Moving on, like the tradition of Minggu Aluan Siswa, the new students have no choice but to listen to all this pretty boring talk and briefing set by the Management. Yes, It was very much an easy sleep magnet but surely there are some nice briefing and NOT BORING session for example the Lovey lovey talk by Raudhatus Sakinah representative. It was love inspiring, yet a very good reminder for all of us, maybe not the the newly 'freshie' but to us facilitators it was like MAS for us all over again.

as what Kak Amirah said, "Short and Precise" i will try to conclude this MAS in less word but more sharing. If that possible :/

2nd day and the rest of the day.

Malas, Malas sangat nak tulis panjang2. in the end of the day, i don't think a lot of people will read this lengthy post anyway so let's jump to the conclusion already.

First of all, It was a very great week for me. Sure it was tiring. Very tiring but all those sweats pays out not only with the mouthful sum of the coupon but also to get to know all the senior facilitators, batch-mate(yeah new term by me :p) and not forgetting the 'freshie' especially to those that asked for solution and answer, just having to answer all your question is just enough for me. I was very happy. Honest to say. I might have a baby-face (perasan ke? hahaha) and some said i have a very 'sombong' face but nevertheless, helping people is what i LOVE to do :)

It was indeed a very good experienced for me, involving with senior, adults, meeting a lot of very respectful person and down to earth person make me realize something i have been forgotten all this time. Thank you Minggu Aluan Siswa. It also makes me more capable of involving with people from various background, before this I hardly know some of the people i always see but now i knew them and they turn out to be great people :)

MAS also has though me to be brave, for the sake of people around me, and therefore i will try my best to involve in more events as what Abang Amir and other facee have told us foundation student, eh sorry, first year first students :p

Overall, It was a very nice memory to have, a very great ending to our Foundation semester :D I hope we can again work together perhaps in other department next time. Until we meet agian facee :D All the best :D

p/s: I can't stop smiling while writing this post. It was very great memory with you all.
p/s: Sorry for any wrong doings and good luck all. Hope to see you guys again :D

But before that, as always, picture to make this post more memorable :D
Sorry, very malas to make it in order :o

p/s: more photo on my facebook. fell free to add me :D

SEE YOU AGAIN M.A.S JAN '11 Insyallah :)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

right before finishing line

Another day to go and i can't wait to be free to write everything i wanted again :D

Looking forward to the end

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Today begin my journey in UTP for the next 7 days in facilitating the freshies for the May '10 batch. Sure I have to kill one week of my whole 2 month period of holiday but i guess i would have been bored to death if i happen to be at home right now. I will probably online, download music, chatting and some jdrama. kan kawan2? bosan kan? hahaha :p

Anyway, i do really wanted to got home now, plenty of stuff to pack and sort but i guess i'll let that moment of wanting to go back last a little longer.

Duty calls for me right in the morning. Until then guys :) will be updating soon. If i had the time of course.

p/s: Weh kawan2 jeles siot ngan korang smua dapat balik awal. :<

Saturday, May 15, 2010

F(oundation)-inally over

foundation no more :)

Hello world. It's finally over. Maybe the world isn't over yet but hell yes my foundation year has finally ended with a success i may say. My last paper wasn't that bad compared to the other two paper. Honestly i felt great, the foundation itself is great. It has thought me a lot of things from the basic.

Now that it is over, i find that it was a rather sad moment to think of. I miss you guys already, i miss the village, friends from other course, i miss going to kopetro after class, i miss waking up late and ask friends to sign the attendance for me, i miss having bad result for my test, i miss the lengthy talk we had when we met in cafe, i miss the hot weather of tronoh, although i'm still here typing this somewhere in the V6.

Oh and fyi, i'm not going to be back until the 25 May. Other UTP foundation students have probably enjoyed their freedom till it last, but not for me. I had to take care of the 'freshies' that will soon came here and start the new episode of their life.

I guess that is all for now. For the foundies,


For the freshies,


in memory E-01-24 :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Can't today become any worst???

- I did not memorize some of the formula
- I misplaced a constant in a different formula
- I get neck pain
- Malaysia government decided to give right for World Cup gambling in Malaysia
- Adsense rejected my application.

What else? Duhh..... I'm tired :<

Monday, May 10, 2010


As expected from codename FAM0035, Calculus that manage to pull me down to the lowest possible state of gloom and emotional stress. Yes, I can do the paper but as confidence i have in answering the paper, somehow it always loves to prove me wrong.

Anyhow, Wednesday is Physics II final examination. Hope one day is more than enough to climb that emotional ladder to the top.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Legal Gambling? Oh yeah?

Yes, I'm well aware that this is the wrong timing to discussing this matter but I don't think I will discuss this matter when the final is over too. Besides, it's my free-from-books-except-facebook time of the day so what the heck.

This is the piece form Bernama

Kerajaan mempertimbangkan kemungkinan mengeluarkan lesen untuk membenarkan pertaruhan dilakukan semasa kejohanan bola sepak Piala Dunia 2010 berlangsung awal bulan depan bagi mengelak berleluasanya aktiviti perjudian dan pertaruhan haram di negara ini.Timbalan Menteri Kewangan, Datuk Awang Adek Hussein, berkata jika kerajaan tidak mengeluarkan lesen kepada pihak yang memohon, aktiviti perjudian dan pertaruhan haram tetap berlaku tanpa kawalan dan pemantauan pihak berkuasa.

"Ada beberapa perkara penting untuk dikaji sama ada perkara ini (mengeluarkan lesen membenarkan pertaruhan) baik bagi kerajaan atau jika kerajaan boleh cuba mengawalnya untuk mengetahui berapa banyak (jumlah wang daripada pertaruhan haram).
"Kerajaan sedang mengkaji perkara ini dan akan memutuskannya jika mahu membenarkan pertaruhan kerana kejohanan Piala Dunia ini semakin hampir,"

katanya kepada pemberita ketika ditemui di lobi Parlimen hari ini.
Awang Adek berkata, jika lesen itu dikeluarkan, kerajaan dapat mengawal aktiviti perjudian, selain hasilnya boleh digunakan terutama untuk pembangunan bidang sukan di negara ini.
Beliau mengakui sudah ada pihak yang membuat permohonan untuk mendapatkan lesen itu tetapi beliau enggan mendedahkan lebih lanjut maklumat itu sehingga kerajaan membuat keputusan mengenainya. Terdahulu, isu itu dibangkitkan pada sesi soal jawab oleh Senator Ng Fook Heng yang mahukan penjelasan kemungkinan kerajaan mengeluarkan lesen pertaruhan kejohanan Piala Dunia untuk mengelakkan perjudian haram.

Awang Adek berkata, kerajaan memandang serius aktiviti perjudian tanpa lesen yang membabitkan pertaruhan nombor ramalan, permainan mesin slot dan pertaruhan membabitkan bookie bagi permainan bola sepak dan permainan lain.
"Aktiviti perjudian tanpa lesen adalah aktiviti yang boleh mewujudkan kegiatan sampingan lain seperti peminjam wang tanpa lesen, jenayah terancang, penyeludupan dan pengubahan wang haram. "Oleh itu sebagai sebuah kerajaan yang prihatin terhadap rakyatnya, kerajaan akan memberi pertimbangan sewajarnya dan sebarang langkah perlu dilakukan secara berkesan bagi menangani masalah bookie tanpa lesen termasuk membenarkan pertaruhan bookie bola sepak dilaksanakan melalui perlesenan sah," katanya.
- Bernama

p/s: Try google-translate if you can't understand Bahasa Malayia :)

Although there is no final words given out by the government so far but for this issue to be discussed it is not a very reasonable thing to do. I want to, if possible, to express all my feeling regarding this issue here but sadly, this no place for me to do it. I might get caught for just doing that. Scary la. wooooooo~ :< style="font-style: italic;"> "Hey prostitution is wrong and sinful and brings harm to the community rather than make it worst lets make a prostitution club where we can control amount of people entering. Yeah! We can set limit per day. Atleast that will reduce the amount of people having prostitution a bit."


"We really want to stop AIDS from spreading due to sharing of needles, let's give them free needles instead so that they get more drugs and less AIDS :D"


"Oh my God, disposing of baby is very wrong, maybe we should give these youngster more condoms so they can have more sex without making children"

It all the same thing. Approving what is wrong from religion and moral points of view. Anyhow, Malaysia oh Malaysia my dear beloved country. I don't know what will happen to you now. I just hope by the time I became a father this will all change for good for my children sake. uh. I want to elaborate more but time is jealous of me. Got to go now. Final is in 2 days time.

Until then.

p/s: Sorry if this post is a little bit smells politics. Yeah, I hate politics to sometimes.
p/s: sorry for the harsh word.
p/s: Good Luck for finals exam :D

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

sob sob

I just got my Calculus coursework marks and also my test II result. Over 50% i just got 31.10% (T___T) no even near to 40%, which is the benchmark for passing the Course. Okay there are still 10% for the assignment which we just handed couple days ago and yes another 40% for final exams . Although i'm not sure i can get full 10% but getting something closer to 40 percent is more than enough to reduce this burden :<

Anyway, my test suck. Full stop. No time to grief, let's continue studying for Physics :D

Until then guys.

p/s: dream of getting dean list might be on it's way to destruction T___T

It's mine not yours


Hello again. Again i find myself being bored and tired of looking at formulae and all these scientific theory of Physics. I'll take some time writing about this one problem, not all, but some of the teenager suffered.

"Over control parents"

Boring topic you say? Hmm. To me it is interesting enough to discuss. Anyway, keep on scrolling if you guys find this interested if not....that's why you are here in the first place right? :D

Back to the topic shall we? Over the past 17 years of our life, okay mine was 18 :/ our parents have been the puppeteer whom have been controlling everything that happen around us. They send us to great school, bought us some nice cloth, we can get all the stuff we need with just smile and some cute faces rather than actual money.

son: Dad i want this!
Dad: Err. No.
son: :(
Here you go.
son: :D

Son:1 Dad:0

But when we turn 17, or when we have this big burden of deciding what we want to do for our future, I personally think that it is up to us to find in our inner self, what WHAT we really wanted in life. A carefree life? A hectic life that comes with great income? A popstar? A popcorn?

I have seen and heard a lot of problems similar from my friends lately you know, i-want-to-be-this-but-my-mom/dad-don't-like-it so they sent me to medical school.To me this is a big issue, maybe not to the parents but to the child itself. It's kinda disturbing you know. Sometimes they have hard time to choose, their parents feeling over their own future.

You know in life some people just don't like anything that have to do with science and prefer let's say, arts for example. Sure the income is not stable and solely depends on luck and your arts but arts nowadays can be sold at a very high price too. Honestly i hate the kind of parents that does not give the freedom to their child to find our their identity, well as long as it is right in religion point of view that is.

Doctor! Almost all parents wanted their child to be a doctor. Basically doctor is like money. Be a doctor and you'll have a wealthy life. But no! not everyone wanted to be a doctor. Me myself don't want to be a doctor in fact I think doctor as a highly overrated job. Yeah, Pilot too. Everywhere I go they only talks about doctor and pilot. Yes i have to agree that the income is very much 'irresistible' compared to engineer.

Parent should have give the support for what their child wanted in life. Maybe to you it is not good, the work doesn't pay well, but maybe that what makes your child happy? I can still remember what my lecturer have told me before,

"Do what you like, like what you do, it's the key of happiness"

Happiness is sometime more important than money. urghh. It's already five in the morning. Have to finish up some exercise, Subuh prayer and some cleaning up. Pray me for my finals :D

until then guys!

Monday, May 3, 2010









11 days left before holidays. Come on now, let's stick our very mind to focus on just studying.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

lieu de travail

It's been a very boring sunday evening. I really wanted to study, but if i close the laptop and do nothing but focus on the Physics exercise, believe me, 10 minutes is more than enough to make me wanted to lay on my bed for a while. Yes. For a while until 3 hour later i woke up with very great disappointing feeling :/

So as a counter measure to reduce the sundayevening-sleeping effect maybe i'll tell some of my past story, okay more like sharing my lieu de travail a.k.a my study place.


Anyway, let's begin.


earlier version.

On the right we have all the educational material. On left, hahahaha. Comics.

Current version.

It's indeed my room. Yeah, the poster was childish yet awesomely decorated.(at that time :<)Now it has tear all over the places. Kids. kids. But that does not matter now because it is no longer my study place but place for me to d├ętendre(relaxed). Ok wait, what with the french you say?? No i'm not going to further my study in Paris or anywhere outside Malaysia(for now). I just think it is good to learn some new language from time to time right??

WRONG! you should focus more on your final rather than to memorizing all these language =.=
Aye aye. Moving on.


Current workplace.

Sorry don't have the full view.

My current workplace is much tidier maybe because it can turn ugly because of the scribble paper and also the dead flying creature that keep on choosing my table as their death bed. Of course it's going to be more and more messed up especially when there is exams and a lot of assignment have to be done.

Anyway, that all i can share with you guys. Somehow the sunday-evening sleeping effect seems to be weaken probably because the atmosphere is no longer hot and dry. Continue with the reading people!!!

Until then

p/s: ko nak gak ke 'until then' izzat?? amek la wey. hahaha.
p/s: I deny to be facilitator of MAS May 2010. Somewhat i'm relieved and dissapointed at the same time. Move on already!