Sunday, May 2, 2010

lieu de travail

It's been a very boring sunday evening. I really wanted to study, but if i close the laptop and do nothing but focus on the Physics exercise, believe me, 10 minutes is more than enough to make me wanted to lay on my bed for a while. Yes. For a while until 3 hour later i woke up with very great disappointing feeling :/

So as a counter measure to reduce the sundayevening-sleeping effect maybe i'll tell some of my past story, okay more like sharing my lieu de travail a.k.a my study place.


Anyway, let's begin.


earlier version.

On the right we have all the educational material. On left, hahahaha. Comics.

Current version.

It's indeed my room. Yeah, the poster was childish yet awesomely decorated.(at that time :<)Now it has tear all over the places. Kids. kids. But that does not matter now because it is no longer my study place but place for me to d├ętendre(relaxed). Ok wait, what with the french you say?? No i'm not going to further my study in Paris or anywhere outside Malaysia(for now). I just think it is good to learn some new language from time to time right??

WRONG! you should focus more on your final rather than to memorizing all these language =.=
Aye aye. Moving on.


Current workplace.

Sorry don't have the full view.

My current workplace is much tidier maybe because it can turn ugly because of the scribble paper and also the dead flying creature that keep on choosing my table as their death bed. Of course it's going to be more and more messed up especially when there is exams and a lot of assignment have to be done.

Anyway, that all i can share with you guys. Somehow the sunday-evening sleeping effect seems to be weaken probably because the atmosphere is no longer hot and dry. Continue with the reading people!!!

Until then

p/s: ko nak gak ke 'until then' izzat?? amek la wey. hahaha.
p/s: I deny to be facilitator of MAS May 2010. Somewhat i'm relieved and dissapointed at the same time. Move on already!


  1. KH!! jom apply MASjan nanti!! haha..
    sabar je la~~ huhu

  2. uhh. boleh2 klu time tu kita x final exam ke apa2 la ^^

  3. ow boleh tampal p0sters(?)



  4. izzat: nak cakap. jgn wat2 pelik2.
    huda: only anime and cartoon and stuff jer. others kena ban! haha

  5. Olalala..bilik yg hanya kemas bila tuan besar dia balik..skrg ni dah mcm apa dah..


  6. hahaha. lepas ni kena buat operasi la nak bersihkan. duduk umah 2 bln gak la. ish3

  7. not bad eyyy. haha

    sure naruto(?)