Monday, May 24, 2010

More time, supposedly more things to do

I think it is still not late to say,


I have been planning tonnes of choir and activities throughout this long holiday, sure throwing out word is something easy but then executing it is the most difficult part.


- Jogging everyday
- Make few more blog strictly for advertisement money making XD
- photography outing
- hanging out with oldies
- shopping for few stuffs
- diet plan(not to make me thinner btw)
- photo organizing and stuff
- more joined competition
- find way to make this boredom vanish
- Helping parent with choirs
- back to music downloading and searchin.
- more photoshop skills to be learned
- get in touch with schoolamate and yeah, UTP students
- started futsal again
- find a nice spot to play tennis
- finding a new tennis mate
- plan what to do on the new semester to come

(more to come, can't think of more for now)

I guess like it or not we have to use this time to our fullest! Again, Holi Holiday all! :)

p/s: still haven't see ironman 2 (T__T)
p/s: can't wait for my own speedlite


  1. seronoknya cuti kau. jeles T_T

  2. well that was just the plan. nothing accomplished yet so my holiday so far has been boring ;/