Wednesday, May 5, 2010

sob sob

I just got my Calculus coursework marks and also my test II result. Over 50% i just got 31.10% (T___T) no even near to 40%, which is the benchmark for passing the Course. Okay there are still 10% for the assignment which we just handed couple days ago and yes another 40% for final exams . Although i'm not sure i can get full 10% but getting something closer to 40 percent is more than enough to reduce this burden :<

Anyway, my test suck. Full stop. No time to grief, let's continue studying for Physics :D

Until then guys.

p/s: dream of getting dean list might be on it's way to destruction T___T


  1. jgn sedeyh, tu sume dugaan..karma..haha..sbb ko kaco idop aku..hoho..

  2. kau mcm tu aku apatah lagi...

  3. weh, ko surela dpt lgi tinggi. prmpuan smua pandai2 dow.

  4. duh!

    mungkin kau kena tukar perkataan semua kepada sebahagian. :|