Sunday, May 30, 2010


In the middle of the night, after taking a late night shower, suddenly i was hit with an idea of baking cakes o___0

Yeah scary right? me, cake. Actually it have been since after SPM that I was hoping to work part time at the nearby cake house but then i didn't manage to get the job. Huh. Nevermind. Luckly Manhattan Fish Market though me a lot of things :)

Maybe i can be like Riko in Zettai Kareshi minus the so-called-hot robot bf. She does make, atleast what i think, very deliciously looking cream puff. mmmm.

Maybe if i'm lucky i can meet the Wondergirls in,

Or him

Okay i'm going nuts. Oh well. Does anyone know when our result will be out?? Kinda curious already :<

p/s: finally going to by camera stuff tomorrow :)