Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It's mine not yours


Hello again. Again i find myself being bored and tired of looking at formulae and all these scientific theory of Physics. I'll take some time writing about this one problem, not all, but some of the teenager suffered.

"Over control parents"

Boring topic you say? Hmm. To me it is interesting enough to discuss. Anyway, keep on scrolling if you guys find this interested if not....that's why you are here in the first place right? :D

Back to the topic shall we? Over the past 17 years of our life, okay mine was 18 :/ our parents have been the puppeteer whom have been controlling everything that happen around us. They send us to great school, bought us some nice cloth, we can get all the stuff we need with just smile and some cute faces rather than actual money.

son: Dad i want this!
Dad: Err. No.
son: :(
Here you go.
son: :D

Son:1 Dad:0

But when we turn 17, or when we have this big burden of deciding what we want to do for our future, I personally think that it is up to us to find in our inner self, what WHAT we really wanted in life. A carefree life? A hectic life that comes with great income? A popstar? A popcorn?

I have seen and heard a lot of problems similar from my friends lately you know, i-want-to-be-this-but-my-mom/dad-don't-like-it so they sent me to medical school.To me this is a big issue, maybe not to the parents but to the child itself. It's kinda disturbing you know. Sometimes they have hard time to choose, their parents feeling over their own future.

You know in life some people just don't like anything that have to do with science and prefer let's say, arts for example. Sure the income is not stable and solely depends on luck and your arts but arts nowadays can be sold at a very high price too. Honestly i hate the kind of parents that does not give the freedom to their child to find our their identity, well as long as it is right in religion point of view that is.

Doctor! Almost all parents wanted their child to be a doctor. Basically doctor is like money. Be a doctor and you'll have a wealthy life. But no! not everyone wanted to be a doctor. Me myself don't want to be a doctor in fact I think doctor as a highly overrated job. Yeah, Pilot too. Everywhere I go they only talks about doctor and pilot. Yes i have to agree that the income is very much 'irresistible' compared to engineer.

Parent should have give the support for what their child wanted in life. Maybe to you it is not good, the work doesn't pay well, but maybe that what makes your child happy? I can still remember what my lecturer have told me before,

"Do what you like, like what you do, it's the key of happiness"

Happiness is sometime more important than money. urghh. It's already five in the morning. Have to finish up some exercise, Subuh prayer and some cleaning up. Pray me for my finals :D

until then guys!


  1. lucky mak abah aku tak macam tu. ;)

  2. yup. parents aku pon support what i wanted :D
    bersyukur gler

  3. yes..
    nasib baik mrk bg kita pilih..

  4. omg, u are so true..

    luckily i have parents who'll always be there 4 me. LOVE THEM.cehhh,,

    good luck finals wehhhh!!!

    im so freakin sure ull do great=D