Sunday, May 23, 2010

M.A.S MAY 10

One week of my holiday, in fact a very precious one has gone by with Minggu Aluan Siswa May 2010 intake.

At first sure, I was like any other trimester students, eagerly waiting for their parents to get them home with all theirs heavy luggage just after the end of the last final paper which is, okay honestly i also already forgot about my last paper. But by the time you are reading this i am sure i'm already remember :p

Anyhow, let's talk about the "Pre- M.A.S" first

Pre - M.A.S

It all begin with the programmed called Training of the Trainers, TOT for short. Sorry to say, i miss all expect the last TOT session, but the last session also came late. Fazli, Apiz, Hassani and I went fishing (?) that particular night before the TOT session :D But still, i do think we perform as good as the facilitator that manage to came all the session :)


Like always, the first day of orientation is of course, reserved for registration of the new students. I was at shock really to know that the amount of people that came to UTP for this MAY 2010 batch is somewhat very less than mine, MAY 09 batch :D (horaah!)
But as far as we are concern the JPA and MARA students haven't arrived yet so, there are still possibilities of many very cute freshies :) okay i was just kidding. I'm not that type occay :/

Moving on, like the tradition of Minggu Aluan Siswa, the new students have no choice but to listen to all this pretty boring talk and briefing set by the Management. Yes, It was very much an easy sleep magnet but surely there are some nice briefing and NOT BORING session for example the Lovey lovey talk by Raudhatus Sakinah representative. It was love inspiring, yet a very good reminder for all of us, maybe not the the newly 'freshie' but to us facilitators it was like MAS for us all over again.

as what Kak Amirah said, "Short and Precise" i will try to conclude this MAS in less word but more sharing. If that possible :/

2nd day and the rest of the day.

Malas, Malas sangat nak tulis panjang2. in the end of the day, i don't think a lot of people will read this lengthy post anyway so let's jump to the conclusion already.

First of all, It was a very great week for me. Sure it was tiring. Very tiring but all those sweats pays out not only with the mouthful sum of the coupon but also to get to know all the senior facilitators, batch-mate(yeah new term by me :p) and not forgetting the 'freshie' especially to those that asked for solution and answer, just having to answer all your question is just enough for me. I was very happy. Honest to say. I might have a baby-face (perasan ke? hahaha) and some said i have a very 'sombong' face but nevertheless, helping people is what i LOVE to do :)

It was indeed a very good experienced for me, involving with senior, adults, meeting a lot of very respectful person and down to earth person make me realize something i have been forgotten all this time. Thank you Minggu Aluan Siswa. It also makes me more capable of involving with people from various background, before this I hardly know some of the people i always see but now i knew them and they turn out to be great people :)

MAS also has though me to be brave, for the sake of people around me, and therefore i will try my best to involve in more events as what Abang Amir and other facee have told us foundation student, eh sorry, first year first students :p

Overall, It was a very nice memory to have, a very great ending to our Foundation semester :D I hope we can again work together perhaps in other department next time. Until we meet agian facee :D All the best :D

p/s: I can't stop smiling while writing this post. It was very great memory with you all.
p/s: Sorry for any wrong doings and good luck all. Hope to see you guys again :D

But before that, as always, picture to make this post more memorable :D
Sorry, very malas to make it in order :o

p/s: more photo on my facebook. fell free to add me :D

SEE YOU AGAIN M.A.S JAN '11 Insyallah :)


  1. best. seronok. tak dpt diungkapkan dgn kata2. cuma.. penat oh. haha. =)

  2. yup amat penat tapi it was all worth it :)

  3. best.miss this MAS moment.still! btw, juz got to really know KH towards the end of MAS.sbb slalu pegang kamera n ayim tu plak slalu ngikut.. ingtkan Jan10 rupanya seangkatan dgn bdk2 time if join MAS lg jgn lupa MAS yg ni okeyh..nx time dh jadi senior faci so do it better and be a good fasi again! really had a great time with u adik2..:)

  4. kak asma: haha. sorry, im not the type that shine out much but this MAS has teaches me a lot of things. So i hope, kalau ada next time lagi, saya akan perform lgi baik dri sebelum ini. Thanks kak :)