Sunday, May 16, 2010


Today begin my journey in UTP for the next 7 days in facilitating the freshies for the May '10 batch. Sure I have to kill one week of my whole 2 month period of holiday but i guess i would have been bored to death if i happen to be at home right now. I will probably online, download music, chatting and some jdrama. kan kawan2? bosan kan? hahaha :p

Anyway, i do really wanted to got home now, plenty of stuff to pack and sort but i guess i'll let that moment of wanting to go back last a little longer.

Duty calls for me right in the morning. Until then guys :) will be updating soon. If i had the time of course.

p/s: Weh kawan2 jeles siot ngan korang smua dapat balik awal. :<


  1. jadi faci???

    rajinn gle.hakhak

    m,gud luck(?)