Friday, May 28, 2010

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I'm not pointing fingers to anyone, no not even you. But if you have problem and your like me, perhaps not but you having difficulties in telling people what you feel, blog is somewhat a heaven where you can drop all your emotion, but with caution however.

I'm not mad or such thing but looking how you act, makes me even more confused. Blogging is one way to tell people indirectly of what you wanted, feeling, doubt, emotion. I do to. Despite having this blog known to public, yes including my siblings, parents and dear friends, never I think of shutting this blog, or even changing it's name to other so that they won't know too much about me.

Sure it's kinda awkward when you post some lovey dovey stuff and your siblings, maybe your annoyingly caring sister read you blog a lot and they happen to know what going on, but i don't mind. Because it's something i felt shy to share in person but in the same time, i wanted to share, wanted people opinion, guidance, help.

To that person, some do wanted to help, without any payback, okay maybe i wanted you to read my post sometimes, so don't just freely lock your blog whenever you wanted too. Sorry if this entry kinda attacking you directly. It was meant that way. Sorry again. I might not given the best possible advice but atleast i'm trying. And whatever happen, just remember there are people, who still care of you, course mate.

Until then :)

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  1. i might dont know to whom are you pointing this post to but you surely make me laughing right now. haha. how can you be so serious? chill. oke lar :D