Sunday, January 30, 2011



It's have been a very very interesting if not a great week of the new semester here in UTP. Although there seems to be a lot of classes on the morning, I still found them still not that irritating. Not yet.

Anyhow, I just got back from Telok Senangin, for Petrobot Picnic. Despite the bad weather, I really have fun with them petrobot member. Yeah my cheek felt numb now due to excessive laughing and the cold seawater.

Forget about that now, i'll post a post about it in the next post(hopefully, insyaAllah) but for now a little something to share/ my vision/ my resolution for this first week of the new semester and this year.

1. New room arrangement. Yeah :D With new resolution for the semester I decided to change a little of the interior of the room. Sorry it is still work in progress but surely I'll place a photo here once i'm done :P

2. 1 Year 2nd Semester. Exciting semester with exciting lecturer and subjects. And people too. and girls?? :^P

3. Fishing. No I still a little scared, well not really scared more like a little shock with these scale animals, but i'm sure trying to overcome it. With fishing. But sorry my moneh is booked by my beloved DSLR.

4. I decided not to take any event for this semester, not a new one. I will still stick around with Robocon and Medtech CMD although i will take some part time jobs especially if photography is involved.

5. A Crush.

6. A better result for this semester. Seriously. I mean seriously.

7. I want to take photography a little more seriously. Seriously. Not like wedding photography and such, more like street and scenery.

Man, i can only think of 7. Oh well, Why bother with numbers when the most important is execution, right?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Holiday ends.

It's late Thursday evening and here I am was sitting in front of the laptop, eagerly waiting for Naruto new episode. Nahhh. Not really. Who read those kiddo stuff. Yeah I did. Wait, Naruto isn't kiddo stuff, Bleach is.

Alright, alright enough. So now I have been on holiday for what? a week and a half? Right. Although my holiday just one over eight of other normal people holiday equivalent to one week from a 2 month holiday, I found that it is indeed very long. How the hell can you guys survive that long at home, doing nothing other than sleep, eat, watching movies, then sleep again and then get fat. Seriously I salute you guys out there.

Anyway with only 3 days left until the new semester I want to wish you guys all, Welcome back. Welcome back from a fatting lifestyle and start this new semester with a blast. Forget of the sad past and move on with better vision, better plan and make sure this year of 2011 be a great year for Academics. Until then.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A walk or a jog

Today, today i manage to wake up early, finish up an episode of Densha Otoko and yes, finally, went for a jogging around the Campus Lake. Serious sh#t I felt good afterward. You know, like eating Nasi Lemak in the morning with the sound of birds chirping, with the mixture of cold breeze accompanied by a mild hot caffeinated drink. Ah >__<

Oh, how I miss how i can run for hours(exaggerating here ;p ) and yet felt refreshing after that, and latter sleep with ease. Man, I really should began 2011 with this jogging routine. Everyday if possible.


Monday, January 3, 2011

Start with a kick!!!!

From Save the Internet , Save the world

the epic fail of 2010. Wait, it's already 2011. Well, maybe not a firework but a post will do ;)

* * * * * * *

As far as i'm concern this is the first 'published' post for the year 2011. HORRAAHH :D

Well, after reading back all those sh*t i mean post of year 2010, I guess, and I have decided, the blog will return to English language. HORAAAH AGAIN :D

Happy? No happy? Awww. Come on guys, I know my writing in English is so much fun to read WRIGHTT??? NOT WRIGHT??? awh come onnn you guys.

This will be one of the many upgrade that I will introduce to you guys for this year. A new layout is a must, a new blog? Meh. Not interested. I have grown up to be quite a busy man lately. Yeah. Busy sleeping. Oh yeah, don't forget to VISIT a blog specifically for my photography artwork with collaboration with my other photographic friends here:

With that I ends my first post of year 2010. I mean 2011.

* * * * * * *

Let's start 2011 with a KICKK! :)