Sunday, January 30, 2011



It's have been a very very interesting if not a great week of the new semester here in UTP. Although there seems to be a lot of classes on the morning, I still found them still not that irritating. Not yet.

Anyhow, I just got back from Telok Senangin, for Petrobot Picnic. Despite the bad weather, I really have fun with them petrobot member. Yeah my cheek felt numb now due to excessive laughing and the cold seawater.

Forget about that now, i'll post a post about it in the next post(hopefully, insyaAllah) but for now a little something to share/ my vision/ my resolution for this first week of the new semester and this year.

1. New room arrangement. Yeah :D With new resolution for the semester I decided to change a little of the interior of the room. Sorry it is still work in progress but surely I'll place a photo here once i'm done :P

2. 1 Year 2nd Semester. Exciting semester with exciting lecturer and subjects. And people too. and girls?? :^P

3. Fishing. No I still a little scared, well not really scared more like a little shock with these scale animals, but i'm sure trying to overcome it. With fishing. But sorry my moneh is booked by my beloved DSLR.

4. I decided not to take any event for this semester, not a new one. I will still stick around with Robocon and Medtech CMD although i will take some part time jobs especially if photography is involved.

5. A Crush.

6. A better result for this semester. Seriously. I mean seriously.

7. I want to take photography a little more seriously. Seriously. Not like wedding photography and such, more like street and scenery.

Man, i can only think of 7. Oh well, Why bother with numbers when the most important is execution, right?

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