Thursday, February 3, 2011


Assalamualikum n Hi.

Man how I wish i could write as easy as boiling using the water heater. Sometimes I became jealous of people with good English and very great composition of words and not to mention the selection of words to express the little details. I really wish i have that sort of talent but now I realize I just don't.

Despite all of that, Im still thankful. Thankful that i can still write stuff here in this very unpopular blog.

On the holiday note, It's Chinese New Year. And the year is rabbit. Rawr.

Although I managed to view the firework from my village/ hostel which equivalent to seeing what happening on Earth from Venus. With Moon blocking your view and all those meteor? or is it meteorite? Atleast it cured a my little firework-addiction.

Well, everyone(almost) have gone back to celebrate the festival, even for the non- chinese, they still go back for some short holiday. Although I want to, but I can't. I have works to do and besides I really think i'm just going to waste time and money buy going home(my sense of control break lose when i'm home :0 )

Oh well, I guess holiday have to wait.

current mood: Sofaz - Janjiku(* the song felt right with my current mood.)

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