Friday, February 4, 2011


Assalamualaikum and Hi.

Good news is the Malaysian students at Egypt are safe and some even have safely arrived back to their origin land. Despite that, different situation occurs in UTP.

There's random blackout and also unstable internet connection. Even a normal site like Youtube have been blocked by the ITMS department(the one that handle the internet connection here). To be honest I don't have idea why they did that but darn, make sure they have a good reason.

Well, that is not all I want to mention here. What really caught my attention is the reaction by the students of UTP. Some were just like kids. Really. Bragging bragging and not really reasoning. Come on, blaming on UTP for not getting up to the Unversiti Teknologi Petronas name, but hell, you are not up for the title, students of UTP. Not with that behavior.

I mean really, of course i'm very much pissed with crap internet connection but atleast i have one. What if they decided to full block our internet. Well, that's almost unbearable right?

I don't want to argue about this. It's a waste of time. Well, my time. But then again, I hope this matter can be settled once Chinese New Year ends or atleast before majority comes back from the holiday. I mean seriously. I don't want a bad connection when i'm doing my online quizzes. Seriously.

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