Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Roads to final exam

While my final exam is just around the corner, (p/s: next week-end) i'm going to take a break from writing. Well, probably. For now i will stop writing until my end of final exam, but who knows.


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Remember the past, because it was so damn awesome.

Do you still remember?

Do you still remember?

Do you still remember the first time you were here? The first time you enter the world of university. Do you still remember the atmosphere, the feeling of new, the new habitat, the new friends, the new you??

Probably you haven't realize it but, lets take a journey back. Back to our starting. Where we all start our university life. The beginning of our new life.

Looks. Just look at our self back then. Look how we look. How we dress. Collard shirt with ties and leather shoes. or maybe a nice baju kurung with matching tudung and a cute pari of shoe. So why exactly we dress like this? Why? Because you want to show that you are different. Different from the other. To make people recognize you. To show that you are someone greater than your past. To buried that past you that you probably don't want to experience again. The new you.

Confidence. Just look at our self back then. How confident we are, how high our ego is, how we don't feel ashamed to talk to someone new, someone of the opposite gender, someone who is totally new to you. How you confidently spoke in multi-language with stranger, how you communicate professionally with the lecturer.

Vision. Just look at our self back then. You have a vision. A vision that you believe one day you can achieve, a vision that you make before entering or once you enter the new life of university. Remember how great those vision are, how mesmerizing you felt thinking of it when you arrive at the front gate of the university.

Do you still remember?

Do you?

Just now it came to me. Why can't i be the same. The same like before? The same confidence, the same attitude, the same vision, the same hardworking me? Why is it hard to find this quality in me anymore? Is it because of living in the comfort zone too long? Or is it because you feel ashamed to do so?

One thing for sure, we all have been like this before and there are nothing wrong to be back, to be like before, to have the same thinking, the same feeling like before.

Come on hanif, you are better than this :)

self praising :p


Sometimes we all need that conformation to keep moving on :)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Same old same old

Really need to change my layout. This blog need a new look. I need a new look.


Few more minute to 8 o'clock.

Supposedly, by now i should be ready to get going to the Chancellor Hall for Childpro Night. The sole reason to buy the ticket is just for charity, the concert are just the addition. So this time The seven collar T-shirt is having the performance, although i was hoping the same person as last year would came. Oh if you wonder who is it, it's Estrella.

And because of some technical issue, Petrobot Annual Grand Meeting have to be postponed to today. Well, since i have to choose, i prefer to go to AGM. 7 collar t-shirt song wasn't that nice really. I mean Seriously.

But i was a little disappointed with some of my friend who is also in the same Petrobot club as mine, who decide to go to the concert rather than the AGM. come on, it doesn't called as ANNUAL, GRAND, meeting for no reason. Not to be offended but seriously i'm a little disappointed. But hey, who i am, really.

Its already 8 o'clock. GTG

Text message from your love one's.

So this happens many, like million times since i have my number from form 1.

Did it ever happen to you guys, when you are doing something then your handphone vibrates and give that incoming message tones. Then a sudden rush of happiness flow throughout your body. Hoping that 'someone' could be texting you. So you open the message right? Oh it's from celcom/maxis/digi.



Thursday, April 21, 2011

Season of the test.

background fx: War- low rider

Alhmadulillah, i just finish my test. I have 2 test as for today, one more next week.

Lately i have found studying fun. Yeahhh righttt. Seriously. Just like way back when i was in form 5. The 'nerdy' times. Now that particular feeling come back. Alhamdulillah, since it near the final, this mood, this feeling is really great thing to have.

Or maybe it is a distraction from a problem with my feeling. Ah. I just don't care anymore, let it move on its own path. I'm already tired guiding my feeling toward happiness.

Alright moving on.

My final will be on the 6th of May according to the latest/ first draft of the timetable. To be honest i was a little excited for it. I want to score the hell for this time. I want my CGPA to sky rocket(exaggerating). Alright, maybe not to high like a rocket but hopefully, higher than most of my friends and it must be higher compared to my previous result. IT IS A MUST!!

Duty calls. Got to Go!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Missing in action

I have to give a sincere apologize to all, especially to those who still reading this blog and wondering when a new update will be out.

So here is it. My latest post.

To be honest, i still write. But. Not in this particular blog. I have another blog which I throw away almost everything i had in mind, something as a diary. I think the reason i write is because i want to express my thought, my feeling, my problem etc. But having a blog, a public one wasn't really a good option as i have to take into consideration, who will read this post.

Some might be offended with what i write, i know, and because of that, this blog will only be about my journey, any events, any opportunities, any new update from me. This will no longer where i threw my thought.

Oh, one more thing. I'm on the verge of examination week so, sadly, there will be no update during this time(hopefully not.)

InsyaAllah if i have time, i will update about my journey to Sepang International circuit, where i have the chance to watch F1 live on the grandstand. Such a great experience i have there. So do wait people.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Small small things that matters

From Save the Internet , Save the world

Sonmetimes we don't realize how these small small things actually means a lot to us. I still remember how my Academic Writing Lecturer told us again and again about how this small small things that matters. Ah, i miss those time.

Anyhow, thank you :)