Sunday, April 17, 2011

Missing in action

I have to give a sincere apologize to all, especially to those who still reading this blog and wondering when a new update will be out.

So here is it. My latest post.

To be honest, i still write. But. Not in this particular blog. I have another blog which I throw away almost everything i had in mind, something as a diary. I think the reason i write is because i want to express my thought, my feeling, my problem etc. But having a blog, a public one wasn't really a good option as i have to take into consideration, who will read this post.

Some might be offended with what i write, i know, and because of that, this blog will only be about my journey, any events, any opportunities, any new update from me. This will no longer where i threw my thought.

Oh, one more thing. I'm on the verge of examination week so, sadly, there will be no update during this time(hopefully not.)

InsyaAllah if i have time, i will update about my journey to Sepang International circuit, where i have the chance to watch F1 live on the grandstand. Such a great experience i have there. So do wait people.


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