Sunday, April 24, 2011

Remember the past, because it was so damn awesome.

Do you still remember?

Do you still remember?

Do you still remember the first time you were here? The first time you enter the world of university. Do you still remember the atmosphere, the feeling of new, the new habitat, the new friends, the new you??

Probably you haven't realize it but, lets take a journey back. Back to our starting. Where we all start our university life. The beginning of our new life.

Looks. Just look at our self back then. Look how we look. How we dress. Collard shirt with ties and leather shoes. or maybe a nice baju kurung with matching tudung and a cute pari of shoe. So why exactly we dress like this? Why? Because you want to show that you are different. Different from the other. To make people recognize you. To show that you are someone greater than your past. To buried that past you that you probably don't want to experience again. The new you.

Confidence. Just look at our self back then. How confident we are, how high our ego is, how we don't feel ashamed to talk to someone new, someone of the opposite gender, someone who is totally new to you. How you confidently spoke in multi-language with stranger, how you communicate professionally with the lecturer.

Vision. Just look at our self back then. You have a vision. A vision that you believe one day you can achieve, a vision that you make before entering or once you enter the new life of university. Remember how great those vision are, how mesmerizing you felt thinking of it when you arrive at the front gate of the university.

Do you still remember?

Do you?

Just now it came to me. Why can't i be the same. The same like before? The same confidence, the same attitude, the same vision, the same hardworking me? Why is it hard to find this quality in me anymore? Is it because of living in the comfort zone too long? Or is it because you feel ashamed to do so?

One thing for sure, we all have been like this before and there are nothing wrong to be back, to be like before, to have the same thinking, the same feeling like before.

Come on hanif, you are better than this :)