Friday, April 22, 2011


Few more minute to 8 o'clock.

Supposedly, by now i should be ready to get going to the Chancellor Hall for Childpro Night. The sole reason to buy the ticket is just for charity, the concert are just the addition. So this time The seven collar T-shirt is having the performance, although i was hoping the same person as last year would came. Oh if you wonder who is it, it's Estrella.

And because of some technical issue, Petrobot Annual Grand Meeting have to be postponed to today. Well, since i have to choose, i prefer to go to AGM. 7 collar t-shirt song wasn't that nice really. I mean Seriously.

But i was a little disappointed with some of my friend who is also in the same Petrobot club as mine, who decide to go to the concert rather than the AGM. come on, it doesn't called as ANNUAL, GRAND, meeting for no reason. Not to be offended but seriously i'm a little disappointed. But hey, who i am, really.

Its already 8 o'clock. GTG

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