Thursday, April 21, 2011

Season of the test.

background fx: War- low rider

Alhmadulillah, i just finish my test. I have 2 test as for today, one more next week.

Lately i have found studying fun. Yeahhh righttt. Seriously. Just like way back when i was in form 5. The 'nerdy' times. Now that particular feeling come back. Alhamdulillah, since it near the final, this mood, this feeling is really great thing to have.

Or maybe it is a distraction from a problem with my feeling. Ah. I just don't care anymore, let it move on its own path. I'm already tired guiding my feeling toward happiness.

Alright moving on.

My final will be on the 6th of May according to the latest/ first draft of the timetable. To be honest i was a little excited for it. I want to score the hell for this time. I want my CGPA to sky rocket(exaggerating). Alright, maybe not to high like a rocket but hopefully, higher than most of my friends and it must be higher compared to my previous result. IT IS A MUST!!

Duty calls. Got to Go!


  1. kau sgt la boleh score!!!
    smarty pants..


    good luck yeeee:)))))


    terasa smngat balik nak mnulis kt blog sni bila ada orang respond. hehe