Friday, January 29, 2010


Like people says, life is like a ferris wheel.

I'm just happen to be at the bottom of it. Need some time and catalyst to go back up.

Until then guys.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Paper Airplane :D

Ah, paper airplane, toys for the not so rich kids. I still remember the enthusiasm I had for playing them, in the primary school.
They are the best thing that happen to me at that time, watching them slice the air with those blades of paper, something very exciting to play.

Cut the crap, we ain't that kid anymore. We are university students. Yeaahh!!! (somehow that make me look stupid)

I kinda unlucky for not attending the competition, due to the rain. Never mind though. But still, here some picture of my super aerodynamic futuristic paper plane :P

We build that :)

One of the model in action :)

MMK(Minggu Mesra Kampus) is somewhere next week, probably going to attend the event. So, will be writing about it as soon as it ends. Take Care :)

Monday, January 25, 2010

welcome aboard

As I was walking down the hall to the newly USM cafe, I say these rare occurrence.People with tuck in shirt, slack pants, wearing tie and ID card.

First of all, It's nothing wrong with these people, but I can't stop laughing though. Sorry sorry. We all been that kind of person before didn't we? No, I'm not :))

Actually that's ALL i want to talk here. Hahaha. Sorry guys.

p/s: budak Jan lawa owh. but not interested anyway. lalalalala~

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Tetris. A simple game from the past but do you know, You can learn about life from the game??

story tells. Credit GamesRadar :)

Life Lesson #1: The general idea is that you get a lot of shit dropped on you that needs sorting out

Life Lesson #2: When getting started, things are pretty easy and you can afford to be a little crazy. Enjoy it, this carefree period doesn't last long

Life Lesson #3: You'll make some pretty stupid decisions along the way

Life Lesson #4: Some people are good at repairing damage caused by stupid decisions

Life Lesson #5: Other people aren't so good at repairing damage caused by stupid decisions

Life Lesson #6: Be prepared for adversity. It's cruel and unfair, but you never know what you're going to get and sometimes things just won't go your way

Life Lesson #7: Things will gather pace until they move so fast that you no longer feel in control. Ultimately you become confused and bewildered

Life Lesson #8: In the end, you're neither a winner or a loser. You're just someone who tries to sort out a load of random shit that happens. Maybe you made a mess of things. Maybe you didn't. Either way, you're not playing the game anymore

The End. Hope you guys enjoy :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

broken leg. not really

Bus stop -(bus)- KTM Subang Jaya -(train)- KL Central -(monorail)- Hang Tuah -(walk)- Imbi -(walk)- Lowyatt -(walk)- Times Square -(walk)- Pudu -(LRT)- Masjid Jamek -(LRT)- KL Central -(train)- KTM Subang Jaya -(bus)- Sunway Pyramid -(bus)- Home Sweet Home.

One word. FOOT PAIN :(

p/s: Got myself a new wireless mouse :3

Be nice to the kitten okay :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

your moves.

Shall we go for another game of tagging??? :S Let's go then.

p/s: Bahasa mode : ON



Adakah anda rasa anda hot ?

Erk. Soalan apakah ini??? hot? tidak. Orang tengok saya sebagai seorang nerd. Nerd yg cool :D


Upload gambar kegemaran anda

(Entah kenapa ramai sungguh orang yg komen gambar ni :S)


Bila kali terakhir anda makan pizza ?

Kejap. Form 5 rasanya. That was like 1 year ago??? OK. tipu, biler ntah last kali makan pizza Giant. Yes, saya tak kaya nak makan pizza mahal mahal :(


Lagu terakhir yang anda dengar ?

"Flumpool - Over the Rain". Lagu OST Bloody Monday yg pasal hacker tu.


Apa yang anda buat selain menyelesaikan tag ?

Layan cerita Chuck season kedua sambil usha kasut Converse. Eh. Usha jer okay.


Selain nama sendiri , anda dipanggil nama apa ?

OKay ni soalan yang agak tricky.

Khairul - Selalunya panggilan ni diberi oleh sesiapa yg tak tahu nak panggil saya apa. Btul, orang yg baru kenal akan panggil Khairul.

Hanif -Nama panggilan masa di sekolah, sampai sekarang oleh kawan sekolah smua dan sesetengah budak UTP yang gatal2 nak panggil aku hanif tu.

Toyol - Oleh kerana ini bukan lagi sekolah, saya dengan ini mengaku saya pernah dipanggil begitu oleh mafia sekolah. lol. Sape yang gatal2 panggil nama ni kt UTP akan dicop sampai aku grad okay. Oleh itu berhati hati lah :D

Space - Bukan ruang kosong, tetapi "space". Nama yang berasal dari nama yg agak panjang di forum Gempakstarz dan digunakan oleh orang forum yang sama semasa Comic Fiest 2008

K.H - Nama glamer kat UTP.(:< okay agak poyo disitu) Nama ini diberi kerana jersi Kontroversi yg mempunyai nama K.H kat belakang yang membuat smua orang pikir nama saya K.H. dan tanpa asal usul terus panggi lsaya dengan nama itu. Agak unik dan lain dari yang lain :)


Tag lagi 7 orang

1. izzatul(it's just my life)

2. pija(true love)

3. khairiah (kelimerah)

4. Muniras (akustrange)

5. ainna emira? (beautiful disaster)

6. nadia(gudang.pelangi)

7. izzat syamil(grab your eye to see it)

p/s: Okay agak pelik tetapi kenapa tak ramai lelaki yang aktif blog nye?????


Siapakah orang no. 1 pada anda ?

kawan. Kawan dari sekolah rendah. Kawan bergossip n etc.


Kata sesuatu mengenai orang no. 5

dia dari kerteh. Foundateam sama. Satu satunya orang yang suka cakap saya ni TINGGI :D


No. 3 ada hubungan dengan siapa ?

Ntahla, saya pon tidak tahu kerana dia amat pelik. Mungkin dengan roomatenya kot. Hahahaha ;D


Bagaimana pula orang no. 4 ?

Oh. Dialah pembuli siber utama page saya di facebook. Amat pemarah, maksud saya peramah orangnya.


Pesanan kepada orang no. 6?

Makan banyak sikit. Kata nak gemok ;p


Apa kelebihan anda nampak pada orang no. 2 ?

Dia amatlah pandai main ice skating. Banyak cakap tetapi baik hati.


Orang no. 7 pula?

Kawan sekerja di Manhattan dahulu dan juga kawan kepada Ajieb dan Cabi yang agak peliknya mereka sama sekolah dan dia amatla blank. Okay. Tu bukan aku yang tulis :<



Monday, January 18, 2010

Journey ahead.

So it's holiday for us UTP'ian trimester May 09 batch. Of course, after so long being trapped in the lost world of Tronoh, breaking out to cities and place is the best things to do right? Besides sleeping of course.


It is Monday already, so today there was no plan what so ever to go out since I think I'll let my feet to rest for a while now.


I'm not sure what to do on Tuesday, whether it outing with my old buddy Pija or going to Puchong to take my NEW id. Still not wearing the Black Hat yet :P


Going to Sunway Pyramid. Yeah, I want to see some of my clique playing Ice skating or what ever they might called it, dancing on the ice or what. I'm really can't wait though. I bet I'll break my laughing gland on that day. Better bring on some spare part :))

Not just that, me want to buy new shoes :)


Out to KL. Someone one me to give me some delicious piece of cakes. Oh yeah :))
okay, it's the other way around :S


Friday prayer. Long sleep.


Oh noes. Going back to UTP. Darn, still haven't done my revision :(

Friday, January 15, 2010

2 out of 3


Let's see what it's All about :)


We have a few new subject that I were never encounter before in my life. No physics, calculus and chemistry this time, but just pure relaxation and the coursework. Yes. I taste the hell of a coursework. Not to mention, I got the leading part. darn.

Indeed, I have a very relax semester. All play and no studies. Studies comes when exams only by the way.


I become more of a lunatic to camera. Big, bulky, heavy camera namely the Digital Single Lens Reflex. It's the big camera okay. I get it. I love those thing.

Foud da team.

This is when I get the chance to meet whole lot of new people seriously, other than in class and tutorial. Mostly I get to know more people from other department, mainly chemical since most of the team member are from chemical engineering. =.= (ok korang jangan riak)

Ah, the memory, I was selected to be one of the leader for one of the activities. You can laugh. I did Suck my leadership skill at that time. Well, you guys are the hard-to-control people too you know?

Okay, I thought I was about to die. Scary :(

This is the only place you could see me doing "dikir barat" :)

Alpha in memories :))

Teluk Batik Getaway

Yes. This was the first time I went to Teluk batik. Better late than never right? It was fun though, rode a banana boat which is damnscarywhenyoufallinthewaterandthankgodifloatbecauseofthelifejacket. (Get it?? That's what i call experience :0)

Zapping is one of the activities we recommend.

Photography fails.

I seriously thought that mine camera is waterproof :(

Lumut Getaway

Our original plan was to go for Go-cart racing near Manjung but sadly, it was closed due to heavy rain. Since we all have more time to spend, we decided to go to Lumut. The city of Happiness. NOT. The scenery was quite awesome indeed.

Go-cart fails.

I'm very hoping that Manhattan Fish Market would sell these things.

Trimester Carnival

Not much to talk about our first trimester carnival. It was fun indeed. I became the photographer for the event, so I pretty much say it's a very happening and en joyous event I've had in a long time. :)

This blog post was Mainly sponsored by 100plus btw :)

That was me. There. thereeee.

I wanted to join, but who am i :(

Geez, the hansome guy :)

Not to make you guys jealous or anything, that was my table there :P

Genting Highland Getaway

This is the last event of 2009 and the first event of 2010 we had. A journey to Genting Highland. A group of 10 people went for this long journey. We have a great time. We sure did. :)

One of the stops on the Highway.

That was a Hungry face I guess.


That was overall(i think) for semester two. I'm glad it is over, but surely I'm going to miss the fun and those very VERY relaxing time I had.

And btw, the new time table for third semester is out, so yeah. It's coming.

p/s: Classes on Friday???? the Eff??

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Buhbye :(


p/s: experience, stories of everything in the Semester two in the next post :)
p/s: Alhamdullilah. Safely arrived at home at exactly 2000 hours :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A new beginning [part 2]

Where were we? I'm lost now. Oh okay! here how the story continues....

Then we saw something
. Well it is actually nothing. I just made that up to make it more suspense. HAHAHAHA. PSYCHOLOGY people!!! HAHAHA. Enough with the lies, let's continue.
(i sound like a clown/ not related at all :S)

We drove up to the Cable car station( I totally forget where) and drop our rented car there and use the cable car service instead of driving up the hill which is more dangerous for us newbie. The chill sensation started to crawl underneath my T-shirt. Quickly I wore my sweater to counter the cold temperature that was not so cold =.=( psst. I get cold easily, probably due to my lack of fats :S)

I was harass :s

The queue line was as expected since it is new year. We bought the ticket for "pergi balik" English "went back" tickets to the cable car. A cable car is enough for 8 individuals. Therefore, two of us have to ride another cable car.

Way to describe the whole approximately 15 minutes ride? Imagine you are sleeping then sometimes you feel like you fall from a great height then you woke up. Okay not related to this post. This analogy can't be used. :s The ride up the mountains was really REALLY frightening. But luckily the scenery from the cable car manage to calm us
Hypsiphobia people. OK. Google that term people. It's on your final exams. haha

"Indahnya Samudera Dalamnya Bumi, Mendasari Ilmu ke Akar Umbi :) "


Announcing the arrival of .......

As we arrived to the top of the Mountains, the temperature started to make me feel like my younger days in Colchester, LYING. I don't remember a thing about feeling cold those day. But the photos of it does helps :)

Next, activities. I guess you all have brief idea of what sort of games available here. I'm not going to remember it. But I like the spinning cup, It makes me want to puke. Hahaha, but I was not one of the loser who puke during the whole activities :P hahaha

lazy fingers. Picture do the talking :X

Damn these people who take picture without me inside!!!

Riding the Rollercoaster ?

No, I'm not throwing out. That was just a mimic. A mimic!!!

Mr. Zulfarid in his golden moment.

The faces of people who might or HAVE throw out. ngehehe XD

We went to London from Genting. Great isn't it??

:) the memories (:


"My mom said we shouldn't ride this thing, it Eat your limb and suck up all your body fluids. Scary." - Shamad

The phobia :s

I don't think you people are interested in knowing the journey back don't ya?? Nothing unusual happens. Like always. But we managed to see a rare occurrence of a bird getting hit by a kancil at a precise 120 kmph. Good job Ajieb. Let the bird rest in peace :(


In the end of the day, we are all exhausted. The journey has ended. I was down for some reason I can't recall. But Alhamdullilah i managed to get that Strength back :) In the end of the day, we do some calculation on our total spending during the 2 days out.

Bye bye 150 ringgit :(

to to go

Thinking skills Final exam is done. Seriously I'm going to miss the class, Dr. Ong, those laughter we had all this time. The feeling became worst when thinking that I might not be able to use up all the knowledge in the future. Huhu.

Hope this knowledge buried deep inside and will be practiced in the future. Heeee.

2 more battle to go. Godspeed!

p/s: I can see my house now. Hahahah :P

Until then.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Final Exam symptom :S

4 more days lads :)

I believe everyone have their own symptom when it comes to Finals exam. Me myself have some system which is very hard to predict sometimes.

Some of them includes:

- late sleep(approx at 3 a.m.)
- Excessive usage of laptop(for online of course :P)
- Doing unusual stuff such as staying up after the Subuh prayer(this is extremely rare).
- Getting a fever.
- Active on facebook.

GAH! All this pressure and study makes my brain i don't know, fried up perhaps???
Oh yeah, there is some symptom I can see from some of my freinds too which in some cases are extremely illogical and funny.

- Going crazy by posting weird status on facebook.
- started to make up names(crazy) to random people.
- Super impulse speed in replying a status.
- Some make up a very interesting, yet not understandable blog post by normal people.
- Sleeping like a bear.
- Playing up Hindustan music in the middle of the night. With the video too.
- going to library??
- getting all emotional.
- became aliens who study until getting sick.
- Talking about going back for holiday.

I'm all weak and lazy to study more. NOT. Gotta change this habits for good. Until Finals is done je. Hehehehe!

p/s: Don't stress out. Take a deep breath. chill la sikit :)
p/s: Can't can't wait for the holiday.
p/s: Semester 2. I'm seriously going to be missing you ;(

Until Then~

Sunday, January 3, 2010

A new beginning?


Again, WELCOME 2010. How do I pronounce you? two o ten or two thousand ten?? Doesn't matter really. haha.

Remember about the unplanned Genting trip i mention before? Here the story went :)



31 Decemeber 2009

tenative for the day

lecture > sleep > Ipoh Parade > Movie > Firework Show > Eat > Go back.

That was the REAL tentative, but as we all know planned work doesnt always work with us crazy minded people. hahaha.
The first 6 tentative was going on smoothly until someone of us 10 says:

"Weh, kete ni sewa sampai 8 pagi esok ni! Takkkan la nak bazir duit camtu je kot??"

Playing with shutter speed is indeed, addicting :)

Then we all in silent mode, starting to get our thinking hat to work(really), so they ask to wear the white hat. The information :)
What are the places that we can go over the night? Imagine 10 brains working together! So there is many suggestion such as UK, PARIS, LONDON, JAPAN, KOREA, AFRICA, but sadly all of them was a big joke.

At Ipoh Parade parking lot :)

Hardly deciding which coffee to be taken(oldtown ok)

Always been my favorite, OldTown Hazelnut White Coffee :)

Then someone voice out saying that we should go to Genting. Then i wore my red hat, GENTING??? WATTT TEFFF? Seriously guys?? So most of us agreed,
but before that we have to go back to UTP first since we are not ready to face the world of Genting.hahaha.(actually we want to take the camera
charger n some people phone.)

So the journey of the year began :)


1st January 2010

tentative of the day

UTP > Tapah > Genting > Genting Highland > Tapah > UTP

So I was forced to drive all the way to Tapah RnR. Luckly the car was fully automatic. It doesnt matter anyway cause it is morning and there is not so many driver still awake.(FIRST TIME driving a long distance :))) Drive drive drive then we reach tapah just in time for Subuh prayer. pray pray. then 'lepak' around to get some energy.

Going for a breakfast

Syamad continue my position as a driver as he say the road next are for 'skilled' and 'experienced' drive. Yerr right!
So i take my time to take a nap on the back seat. zzzzzzz. half an hour later we reach genting. NO? noway the journey is that fast. I woke up, do some taichi and continue our journey.

As we we climbing uphill to Genting we saw something we never have seen before.........

(to be continued)

p/s: suspen x? hahaha. cm bangang je. hahahahahaha
p/s: dah mula ada keyakinan driving :)