Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A new beginning [part 2]

Where were we? I'm lost now. Oh okay! here how the story continues....

Then we saw something
. Well it is actually nothing. I just made that up to make it more suspense. HAHAHAHA. PSYCHOLOGY people!!! HAHAHA. Enough with the lies, let's continue.
(i sound like a clown/ not related at all :S)

We drove up to the Cable car station( I totally forget where) and drop our rented car there and use the cable car service instead of driving up the hill which is more dangerous for us newbie. The chill sensation started to crawl underneath my T-shirt. Quickly I wore my sweater to counter the cold temperature that was not so cold =.=( psst. I get cold easily, probably due to my lack of fats :S)

I was harass :s

The queue line was as expected since it is new year. We bought the ticket for "pergi balik".......in English "went back" tickets to the cable car. A cable car is enough for 8 individuals. Therefore, two of us have to ride another cable car.

Way to describe the whole approximately 15 minutes ride? Imagine you are sleeping then sometimes you feel like you fall from a great height then you woke up. Okay not related to this post. This analogy can't be used. :s The ride up the mountains was really REALLY frightening. But luckily the scenery from the cable car manage to calm us
Hypsiphobia people. OK. Google that term people. It's on your final exams. haha

"Indahnya Samudera Dalamnya Bumi, Mendasari Ilmu ke Akar Umbi :) "


Announcing the arrival of .......

As we arrived to the top of the Mountains, the temperature started to make me feel like my younger days in Colchester, LYING. I don't remember a thing about feeling cold those day. But the photos of it does helps :)

Next, activities. I guess you all have brief idea of what sort of games available here. I'm not going to remember it. But I like the spinning cup, It makes me want to puke. Hahaha, but I was not one of the loser who puke during the whole activities :P hahaha

lazy fingers. Picture do the talking :X

Damn these people who take picture without me inside!!!

Riding the Rollercoaster ?

No, I'm not throwing out. That was just a mimic. A mimic!!!

Mr. Zulfarid in his golden moment.

The faces of people who might or HAVE throw out. ngehehe XD

We went to London from Genting. Great isn't it??

:) the memories (:


"My mom said we shouldn't ride this thing, it Eat your limb and suck up all your body fluids. Scary." - Shamad

The phobia :s

I don't think you people are interested in knowing the journey back don't ya?? Nothing unusual happens. Like always. But we managed to see a rare occurrence of a bird getting hit by a kancil at a precise 120 kmph. Good job Ajieb. Let the bird rest in peace :(


In the end of the day, we are all exhausted. The journey has ended. I was down for some reason I can't recall. But Alhamdullilah i managed to get that Strength back :) In the end of the day, we do some calculation on our total spending during the 2 days out.

Bye bye 150 ringgit :(


  1. rm 150 for 2 days?? without hotels and all>?? how u ate?? i mean where are the place?? im going genting this thurds n fri dear!!!!!

  2. ala. tu laki bujang pnye style la. klu prmpuan mana mungkin abiskan 150 je. huhu. makan pon kt sana x mkn langsung. huhu

  3. saving gile ko..murah lak bajet gi genting..aku igt mahal

  4. tu mmg bajet gler ar. sewa kete kancil, ticket, makan, minyak boleh la dpt 150. tapi janji ko x makan dlm genting. mahal giler kot makanan. :(