Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Paper Airplane :D

Ah, paper airplane, toys for the not so rich kids. I still remember the enthusiasm I had for playing them, in the primary school.
They are the best thing that happen to me at that time, watching them slice the air with those blades of paper, something very exciting to play.

Cut the crap, we ain't that kid anymore. We are university students. Yeaahh!!! (somehow that make me look stupid)

I kinda unlucky for not attending the competition, due to the rain. Never mind though. But still, here some picture of my super aerodynamic futuristic paper plane :P

We build that :)

One of the model in action :)

MMK(Minggu Mesra Kampus) is somewhere next week, probably going to attend the event. So, will be writing about it as soon as it ends. Take Care :)

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