Friday, January 8, 2010

Final Exam symptom :S

4 more days lads :)

I believe everyone have their own symptom when it comes to Finals exam. Me myself have some system which is very hard to predict sometimes.

Some of them includes:

- late sleep(approx at 3 a.m.)
- Excessive usage of laptop(for online of course :P)
- Doing unusual stuff such as staying up after the Subuh prayer(this is extremely rare).
- Getting a fever.
- Active on facebook.

GAH! All this pressure and study makes my brain i don't know, fried up perhaps???
Oh yeah, there is some symptom I can see from some of my freinds too which in some cases are extremely illogical and funny.

- Going crazy by posting weird status on facebook.
- started to make up names(crazy) to random people.
- Super impulse speed in replying a status.
- Some make up a very interesting, yet not understandable blog post by normal people.
- Sleeping like a bear.
- Playing up Hindustan music in the middle of the night. With the video too.
- going to library??
- getting all emotional.
- became aliens who study until getting sick.
- Talking about going back for holiday.

I'm all weak and lazy to study more. NOT. Gotta change this habits for good. Until Finals is done je. Hehehehe!

p/s: Don't stress out. Take a deep breath. chill la sikit :)
p/s: Can't can't wait for the holiday.
p/s: Semester 2. I'm seriously going to be missing you ;(

Until Then~


  1. hey,.. when is ur exams>>?? after hols ur ghoing 2 sit 4 xm??

  2. km x..
    setiap ari mcm tu..
    cuma..psl tido tuh btui la..
    org ckp..
    sbb kt gn otak..letih la kt pun tido bnyk.. =.="

  3. Some make up a very interesting, yet not understandable blog post by normal people.*cough*