Sunday, January 3, 2010

A new beginning?


Again, WELCOME 2010. How do I pronounce you? two o ten or two thousand ten?? Doesn't matter really. haha.

Remember about the unplanned Genting trip i mention before? Here the story went :)



31 Decemeber 2009

tenative for the day

lecture > sleep > Ipoh Parade > Movie > Firework Show > Eat > Go back.

That was the REAL tentative, but as we all know planned work doesnt always work with us crazy minded people. hahaha.
The first 6 tentative was going on smoothly until someone of us 10 says:

"Weh, kete ni sewa sampai 8 pagi esok ni! Takkkan la nak bazir duit camtu je kot??"

Playing with shutter speed is indeed, addicting :)

Then we all in silent mode, starting to get our thinking hat to work(really), so they ask to wear the white hat. The information :)
What are the places that we can go over the night? Imagine 10 brains working together! So there is many suggestion such as UK, PARIS, LONDON, JAPAN, KOREA, AFRICA, but sadly all of them was a big joke.

At Ipoh Parade parking lot :)

Hardly deciding which coffee to be taken(oldtown ok)

Always been my favorite, OldTown Hazelnut White Coffee :)

Then someone voice out saying that we should go to Genting. Then i wore my red hat, GENTING??? WATTT TEFFF? Seriously guys?? So most of us agreed,
but before that we have to go back to UTP first since we are not ready to face the world of Genting.hahaha.(actually we want to take the camera
charger n some people phone.)

So the journey of the year began :)


1st January 2010

tentative of the day

UTP > Tapah > Genting > Genting Highland > Tapah > UTP

So I was forced to drive all the way to Tapah RnR. Luckly the car was fully automatic. It doesnt matter anyway cause it is morning and there is not so many driver still awake.(FIRST TIME driving a long distance :))) Drive drive drive then we reach tapah just in time for Subuh prayer. pray pray. then 'lepak' around to get some energy.

Going for a breakfast

Syamad continue my position as a driver as he say the road next are for 'skilled' and 'experienced' drive. Yerr right!
So i take my time to take a nap on the back seat. zzzzzzz. half an hour later we reach genting. NO? noway the journey is that fast. I woke up, do some taichi and continue our journey.

As we we climbing uphill to Genting we saw something we never have seen before.........

(to be continued)

p/s: suspen x? hahaha. cm bangang je. hahahahahaha
p/s: dah mula ada keyakinan driving :)


  1. bajet cite nur kasih ke nk wat episot demi episot? =.="

  2. eh mesti lah. baru la cm saspen, smua makcik2 adek2 nak tgk cte. haha. nanti blog aku setarap ar gua .com yg merapu tuh. hahaha

  3. tak saspen ponggg.. ah cam bangang pun ado..ha..ha..

    try drive from KL-Jerteh, stop only to eat & pee..ngeh..ngeh

  4. cik de

    hahaha. boleh je. tapi kena tgk factor lain la. klu bwk kete besau tu mmg x nak la. x brani lagi. hehehe

  5. omg!!!! hanif yg kecik nie long drive?? wow!!! impressive!!! sgt2... nasib sme ok2.. haha...
    its so lame!!!! nak wat episod2 lak... ape la... not fair..

  6. hahaha. saje je pon pja, nak wat something different: ))