Sunday, January 3, 2010

111 post

1st post of the year 2010!

111 post!
1/1/10 date!

2010 is here already. It feels like 2009 is just yesterday. I felt like yesterday i started to work in MFM, start my driving class, get my SPM result, and also start my studies in UTP. Oh well, time passes.

Well, We(me and my friends) start our 2010 with a firework show at Ipoh. Something I never did,(sebelom ni tgk dri jauh je). With no plan at all, at the new year morning, we went to Genting Highlands.(I'll post about it later. Finals is coming bebeh!!)

Just so you know, my finals is on 11 until 14 of January, about 1 more week. Alhamdullilah I got my study spirit back. :)

I guess I better start the engine =)
Until Then~

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