Monday, January 18, 2010

Journey ahead.

So it's holiday for us UTP'ian trimester May 09 batch. Of course, after so long being trapped in the lost world of Tronoh, breaking out to cities and place is the best things to do right? Besides sleeping of course.


It is Monday already, so today there was no plan what so ever to go out since I think I'll let my feet to rest for a while now.


I'm not sure what to do on Tuesday, whether it outing with my old buddy Pija or going to Puchong to take my NEW id. Still not wearing the Black Hat yet :P


Going to Sunway Pyramid. Yeah, I want to see some of my clique playing Ice skating or what ever they might called it, dancing on the ice or what. I'm really can't wait though. I bet I'll break my laughing gland on that day. Better bring on some spare part :))

Not just that, me want to buy new shoes :)


Out to KL. Someone one me to give me some delicious piece of cakes. Oh yeah :))
okay, it's the other way around :S


Friday prayer. Long sleep.


Oh noes. Going back to UTP. Darn, still haven't done my revision :(


  1. i think i'll be back to ipoh on wednesday for some reasons that could not be avoided....
    so,safe money...dont have to treat me secret recipe..huhuh

  2. hey...
    u stil owe me a slice of sec rec cake...
    where u wnt 2 hang out??? fetch me!! haha... hanif ice skate!!! his good nw i thk.. since im da 1 who tought him..

  3. tiap2 ari buat la qiamulail..insaf sket..haha