Friday, January 15, 2010

2 out of 3


Let's see what it's All about :)


We have a few new subject that I were never encounter before in my life. No physics, calculus and chemistry this time, but just pure relaxation and the coursework. Yes. I taste the hell of a coursework. Not to mention, I got the leading part. darn.

Indeed, I have a very relax semester. All play and no studies. Studies comes when exams only by the way.


I become more of a lunatic to camera. Big, bulky, heavy camera namely the Digital Single Lens Reflex. It's the big camera okay. I get it. I love those thing.

Foud da team.

This is when I get the chance to meet whole lot of new people seriously, other than in class and tutorial. Mostly I get to know more people from other department, mainly chemical since most of the team member are from chemical engineering. =.= (ok korang jangan riak)

Ah, the memory, I was selected to be one of the leader for one of the activities. You can laugh. I did Suck my leadership skill at that time. Well, you guys are the hard-to-control people too you know?

Okay, I thought I was about to die. Scary :(

This is the only place you could see me doing "dikir barat" :)

Alpha in memories :))

Teluk Batik Getaway

Yes. This was the first time I went to Teluk batik. Better late than never right? It was fun though, rode a banana boat which is damnscarywhenyoufallinthewaterandthankgodifloatbecauseofthelifejacket. (Get it?? That's what i call experience :0)

Zapping is one of the activities we recommend.

Photography fails.

I seriously thought that mine camera is waterproof :(

Lumut Getaway

Our original plan was to go for Go-cart racing near Manjung but sadly, it was closed due to heavy rain. Since we all have more time to spend, we decided to go to Lumut. The city of Happiness. NOT. The scenery was quite awesome indeed.

Go-cart fails.

I'm very hoping that Manhattan Fish Market would sell these things.

Trimester Carnival

Not much to talk about our first trimester carnival. It was fun indeed. I became the photographer for the event, so I pretty much say it's a very happening and en joyous event I've had in a long time. :)

This blog post was Mainly sponsored by 100plus btw :)

That was me. There. thereeee.

I wanted to join, but who am i :(

Geez, the hansome guy :)

Not to make you guys jealous or anything, that was my table there :P

Genting Highland Getaway

This is the last event of 2009 and the first event of 2010 we had. A journey to Genting Highland. A group of 10 people went for this long journey. We have a great time. We sure did. :)

One of the stops on the Highway.

That was a Hungry face I guess.


That was overall(i think) for semester two. I'm glad it is over, but surely I'm going to miss the fun and those very VERY relaxing time I had.

And btw, the new time table for third semester is out, so yeah. It's coming.

p/s: Classes on Friday???? the Eff??

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