Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Letto - Ruang Rindu


Di daun yang ikut mengalir lembut
Terbawa sungai ke ujung mata
Dan aku mulai takut terbawa cinta
Menghirup rindu yang sesakkan dada

Jalanku hampa dan kusentuh dia
Terasa hangat oh didalam hati
Kupegang erat dan kuhalangi waktu
Tak urung jua kulihatnya pergi

Tak pernah kuragu dan slalu kuingat
Kerlingan matamu dan sentuhan hangat
Ku saat itu takut mencari makna
Tumbuhkan rasa yang sesakkan dada

Chorus 2x:
Kau datang dan pergi oh begitu saja
Semua kutrima apa adanya
Mata terpejam dan hati menggumam
Di ruang rindu kita bertemu


the first song she shared with me :)

It turn out we were not suppose to celebrate or making this date a joke. I just found out the truth. And you guys should too. Until then

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Also being infected by the disease. I decided to make one too :)


please do ask question :) for fun

i am darth vader

I woke up this morning with a rather weird feeling. I'm in a humongous house with all the friggin awesome stuff like the Ultimate gaming Pc's, Wide screen plasma TV, Gaming Consoles and a lot of thing i've only dream about my entire life. Then i look into the mirror. Man, I was way handsome than those boyband member they girls really interested to.


But you guys know that just probably a day dream. Nah, maybe not about the handsome stuff alright but all those wealth? Probably not. Well the story was kind off related to the topic, We all wanted to be in someone else life. I realize this after talking to my buddy here in UTP. They don't admit it but hell, I knew it deep inside them they wanted to be someone else.

First of all, The dreamy dreamy stuff i wrote above, definitely a lie. I won't told anyone my dream, unless it is funny of course. Back to the topic again. Maybe we don't realize this but it is true. My friend here, he's a really smart guy but i think( no offense here) he's having hard time to get a girl. Maybe it's just me, but i had the feeling he is. Then he was talking about some guy i don't know being all macho and funny that all girls wants.

Even myself. I also wanted to be someone else. I rich filthy Darth Vader. Okay that was when i was 7. Now i wanted to be a smart yet relaxed and a well known person. Let's face it people. Sometimes, we wanted a different life. That why they say, a human will not satisfy of his/her current self. like...hoff...this...hofff....with..hoff..japanese...hoff...chick? Hofff hofff.

Another example. Teenager. They all wanted really really much to grown up. Moving away from the parents. No boundaries. They can have all the fun they want. But then when the actually grown up hell, they wanted to be back at school. Spoon fed by their parents. They hate their current life. Some of them i think. But again it's all because of our mind. Never really appreciate everything we got.

But still, that is no wrong in day dreaming alright. We can be anything, of course in the World of Warcraft. I mean, World of Dreams.

Salesman: I am the dark knight of some where in this world!!! I'm level 99 and i have a lot of gills yeah!!!
WOW Creator: Hell yeah. In your dream noob.

Until then guys.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Masa Bumi

my room.

(Light off)

It's stand for Earth Hour. I bet everyone know about it already then. Well now i think, a lot of people misunderstood the main point of the so called Earth Hour. NO! it's not going to save the earth from global warming by saving electricity just by a mere hour. That's a joke. Really.

But do you happen to know the main reason for the earth hour is for? Well, let me tell you. Its for people to be aware of the global warming. It's all about showing your support. Like honking to the people, wearing red to support MU, buying original DVD and also attending event to support something. The concept kinda the same alright.

So it's up to you guys to show your littler support. It just an hour. Once in a year dammit!!

One hour is over.

until then.(light on)

Friday, March 26, 2010

piece of puzzle

It's been a while since i get ambitious, serious, more focus in what i do. I miss this feeling. It makes me want to kick everyone brilliant arse who got better result in everything especially exams. I indeed acknowledge the fact that i am not born genius like some of my friends. I know even though i work hard enough to make my result better, it won't NEVER be better than some of my friends. But now i realize something i should have realize before.


After almost a year living a university life, i knew i wont, even with all this strategic plans to maximize time my studies, even with all the effort, there will always some one better than you. No matter what.

Therefore i decided, not to race in the "who-got-the-highest-marks-thon" against my clique but instead, with myself. To improve my marks each time. Beating my old self is what important. That way i can be proud of myself better, without comparing result with my dear friends. And because of that, i will change. For good insyaallah.

but still. In the end of the day what matters to the university, lecturer, scholarships is the value of the result. Not the typical hardship. No need to pretend. It is the truth. But still, to me i will depend more on the hardship rather than the marks itself. Say what you want but that is my new principle. Get over it already.

Foundation going to be over soon enough. Time to kick some arse. Exams arse :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

round hot stuff.

Last Saturday I went to the Internation Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2010 right here at Putrajaya. Oh, regarding last post. I took the last option :) Full day enjoyment taking picture of BALLOONS! That might sound retarded, but it's really fun. Really!

The event is a 4 day event, starting on Thursday until Sunday and was held at Presint 2, exactly infront the 'Monumen Alaf Baru' what the hell that is. This is actually the second time this event was held in Putrajaya. How the hell I just know about this event only one day before the real thing start?? Dem, if I knew earlier, it would be more easy to make real plans, not a happy-go-lucky plan.

Anyway, I went there by the trustworthy public transport. I kinda took the wrong train but lucky I notice it soon and managed to drop off a station. After making my way to Sungai Besi KTM station, Loga, my roomate and his friend from UiTM shah Alam, Frehan arrived with Loga Civic. From there we went to the main event.

Loga n Frehan.

Redfm DJ whos Loga has fallen.

The event kinda start late that evening so we decided to fill our empty stomach and their needs to puff the killer snacks. All done and we went back to the site and by the time we are on the way, peoples started gushing to the site making the traffic quite congested at the Festival site.

Alamanda Putrajaya. First Touch down.

First Hot Air Balloon i saw.

I wish I had the photographer pass. Dem.

Above: This overblown picture looks like Japan Flag.

Mr. Handsome Balloon.

Aside from the falling exhaust tips due to misjudge of the location of a big rock, the Festival is worth the sweats and fun. I had fun. Apart from loga with his exhaust tip, i guess Everyone seems to have fun right?? Hahahaha~

Until then guys.

Friday, March 19, 2010

decision after decision


Solution 1

might be my lucky day :)

-wake up early.
-go to Puduraya, buy the bus ticket for the night.
-drop off to KL Central. Store luggage at the place provided.
-Go to Bangi
-Together go to 2010 Hot Air Balloon Carnival, Putrajaya.
-evening go back to Kl Central
-Go to lowyat, to buy a new lens cap :(
-Ride bus to UTP.

Solution 2

or a lazy fat ass cat.

-wake up early
-go to Puduraya, buy the bus ticket for the night.
-Go back sleep till evening
-Evening follow my dad to drop off to lowyat or somewhere
-Ride bus to UTP

Solution 3

or nothing.

-Don't go back tomorrow.

Monday, March 15, 2010


Today I did a little of walking ever since i laid my body in my beloved house. Supposedly today i have some plan to do with some fellow course mate but then it was cancel for some reason I'm not noticed with. Never mind.

First off, i went to the all time favorite, Sunway Pyramid. Just now I noticed, there are no longer cheap cheap shop that sells awsome nice shirts. Well, there are still some shops but then I was too MALAS to explore the shopping complex for god knows many times.

Humans all over the ice ring.

Surprisingly the place was fulled with people. Kids mainly. Oh yeah, it's holiday. No wonder I saw a lot of fashion-wannabe with no fashion sense what so ever around the complex. No i don't hate them, i just hate their clothing.

Right when the clock reads 2 o'clock.

I decided to go to Times Square. Sure it looks like it going to rain heavily but I pretty much arrived to KTM without any heavy downpour. So I did a little shopping at the Carrefour. Oh, is it me or that place looks like it going to be dead soon?

Oh! have you ever heard a tale that if you got 2 smile continuously, your day will be a great one. Guess what? It happen to me. Pictures below.



Okay i made the tale all by myself just now. No I wont laugh to you because you actually believe it. Pffft. Okay stop it already.

So my main reason to go to Times Square because my friend told me there was a very good sale on the Onitsuka Tiger shoes. Okay it's not like i really want one but my white shoes back at UTP seems very unhappy with her condition now. Yes. Her. move on.

A Z4, SLR, 5 Series, Z4 and and Audi Coupe. There is one GTR at the back too. damn these rich guys.

So after some time i found the place. The price was quite a shocker too, but then i don't think I really need one.(maybe after my foundation ends i'll buy one.) And there i saw the one thing i wanted for quite some time now. The KAROKband. You heard it right sir. KAROKband.

That my friends is KAROKband. Not really much difference in quality i think but definitely very much difference in the price. 25 ringgit to what 100 plus ringgit? Its 1 to 4 of the price but probably 3 to 4 of the quality. You know i'm not that rich to buy these all expensive stuff but if i saw a very good bargain, i wont hesitate to buy it.

Well that's all of this today journey. More photos on my flicker, just click HERE :)
Until then people.

p/s: Congratulation Huda for getting a great( more than me ) pointer for the second semester. and good luck for your works :)

p/s: will be at my hometown tomorrow and the day afer. Sorry guys, can't make it to do Wiley together.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


My plan for a photography outing today fails miserably. Yeah, i slept too much. Well i did woke up early, waiting, then suddenly, poff. everything went black. a few dreams later i woke up, and it's already 12. Not a good time already.

Continue sleeping.......until then....

Friday, March 12, 2010

I'm such a loser

YEAH FINE! I WILL ''BELANJA'' all you four people. dem. You guys just got lucky. No i wasn't referring to you there, not you either but to these three bastard who got a better result than i am.

'Betting' is what they call it? Perhaps. We have done it since the first semester, i at that time, the highest should be the one that have the PLEASURE to 'belanja' the rest.( dem, what the english word for 'belanja' ? Someone help :() But this time around, the one that have the lowest is going to have the pleasure.

Yeah yeah. Im such a loser. Fine. Whatever. You guys deserve it. I'll make it up later in the free time( i hope i'll get busy all the way until Finals exam XD, so that i don't have to belanja XD )


School holi, i mean mid semester break starts today. Yeppi. I really hope a lot of great things happen this weekends. Until then people :)

p/s: GPA 3.66, CGPA 3.46 :)
p/s: know this one thing, i'm will not lose again to all of you! hahahaha

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Festival of Colours of the Worlds.

So sorry for this late post. I mention before about the festival of colours of the world didn't i? So this is it. First off, some of the background.

Festival of Colours of the World, FESCO for short is an event something like the Warna Warni Malaysia or the kind of show they put before Merdeka Celebration. Yeah. something like that. FESCO was an event with collaboration of more than 17 university inside as well as outside of the Malaysia.


Yes, the event was around my study week. Still, everyone need some break am i right? So I went there with Shuqor, one of my clique( the others was BUSY studying. alasan :< ) Anyway, we went the about 8.20 p.m and it was really packed with people. thank god i manage to get a seat on the upper floor and the first line. OH yes! And surprisingly, there was Farina, Hajar and also Mas with her friends. So we're pretty much have some familiar faces around.

Above: Mr. Rector giving some speech.

I was on my seat for the first two starting performance and later one i decided to move on the lower floor, the ground floor for a better view of the performance. Well, i did it mainly to get nice photo of the performance. BTW crap happen, we the freelancer-no pass-photographer got kicked out from taking photo nearby the stage. They say it's disturbing the spectator to see the performance.

Above: Korea performance. Nice. Wait there is a guy there. pfft.

Blah blah blah. I get it. damn. so i have no choice but to go back to my original seats and sit still untill the end of the performance. To much of talk never really helps. Here some picture taken. Enjoy :)

Sorry i don't really remember from which university is this.

Not this either :(

Pretty much all the contestant. Voting :D

There was simply a lot of award given to the contestant, but i only remember some of it. As expected, Sunway University College won the audience choice award with their Hindustin-like performance. Nice. We really have fun. And the overall winner award goes to none other than the university that makes this event happen, UTP. Indeed, i pretty much love the last performance by UTP student. It was warm and really relaxing.


I guess that is the end of the night. Nothing spectacular happen later, it just me infront of my laptop editing some of the picture, uploading it to facebook ecetra. And yeah, i'm already home peeps :)

Until then~

One Year back.


Really, they should have done the test just before the break. Just. Not left with 2 or more days for us student to wait before we can officially go back for mid-semester break. No more next time please.


Now let's get back to the new topic shall we. Let's start by rewinding time, one year approximately. I'm pretty sure this time around i really have a great day, ah the BBQ, the games. That was one year ago huh? Chatted until midnight chatting about tomorrow. damn those moment. and now you guys would still looks like you have stars twinkling in your eyes and wonder? What's all this one year crap is all about.

Doomsday............ for SPM leavers. Hell yes. It's pretty much the d'day for me. Ok, no more. The long awaited result day was what we all SPM leavers waited for. When the day comes, sad, excited, happy, extremely happy, under excited, disappointed, sleepy faces can be seen anywhere within the school area.

Okay, no more of the d'day. If have survived it, now it's up to them to encounter the d'day. Godspeed to all. Hope you guys done well :D

until then.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010



Finally, it's been the end of the first half of semester three. Damn, the exam was quite hard(especially chemistry, and physics, and calculus. Okay that about all of my subject for this semester.) I did do revision but maybe preparation on extra works and stuff is still lacking perhaps.


Just come back for a game of COD modern warfare just now. We had fun despite being bullied by the master of assassination, Nik. Damn, this guy must be playing this game like seriously everyday in his life. I think the first thing he says as a baby is .................. NOOB YOU!(in a cute baby tone) ok, that's too much of a lie.

It's been 3 weeks now since we started playing this game over the weekend at T. Maju CC. 3 hours per session. rm 5 per session. Unlimited amount of fun :D

PC1: OH! SH*T!!!!!!! ninja!!!
Nik: ......sprint.....jump.....SPLASH!! lemons. i loike.


I feel like going back already, sadly tomorrow i have Physics II lab which i can't really skip. dem. Fine one more days. One more. Vacation going to be a one week vacation, and just so you know im all free throughout the week(maybe have some plan with family. I'll update ).Until then.

p/s: will update on the FESCO, Festival Colours of Light soon.
p/s: 11 March 2010, 4.30 o'clock. <3