Thursday, March 11, 2010

Festival of Colours of the Worlds.

So sorry for this late post. I mention before about the festival of colours of the world didn't i? So this is it. First off, some of the background.

Festival of Colours of the World, FESCO for short is an event something like the Warna Warni Malaysia or the kind of show they put before Merdeka Celebration. Yeah. something like that. FESCO was an event with collaboration of more than 17 university inside as well as outside of the Malaysia.


Yes, the event was around my study week. Still, everyone need some break am i right? So I went there with Shuqor, one of my clique( the others was BUSY studying. alasan :< ) Anyway, we went the about 8.20 p.m and it was really packed with people. thank god i manage to get a seat on the upper floor and the first line. OH yes! And surprisingly, there was Farina, Hajar and also Mas with her friends. So we're pretty much have some familiar faces around.

Above: Mr. Rector giving some speech.

I was on my seat for the first two starting performance and later one i decided to move on the lower floor, the ground floor for a better view of the performance. Well, i did it mainly to get nice photo of the performance. BTW crap happen, we the freelancer-no pass-photographer got kicked out from taking photo nearby the stage. They say it's disturbing the spectator to see the performance.

Above: Korea performance. Nice. Wait there is a guy there. pfft.

Blah blah blah. I get it. damn. so i have no choice but to go back to my original seats and sit still untill the end of the performance. To much of talk never really helps. Here some picture taken. Enjoy :)

Sorry i don't really remember from which university is this.

Not this either :(

Pretty much all the contestant. Voting :D

There was simply a lot of award given to the contestant, but i only remember some of it. As expected, Sunway University College won the audience choice award with their Hindustin-like performance. Nice. We really have fun. And the overall winner award goes to none other than the university that makes this event happen, UTP. Indeed, i pretty much love the last performance by UTP student. It was warm and really relaxing.


I guess that is the end of the night. Nothing spectacular happen later, it just me infront of my laptop editing some of the picture, uploading it to facebook ecetra. And yeah, i'm already home peeps :)

Until then~

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