Friday, March 12, 2010

I'm such a loser

YEAH FINE! I WILL ''BELANJA'' all you four people. dem. You guys just got lucky. No i wasn't referring to you there, not you either but to these three bastard who got a better result than i am.

'Betting' is what they call it? Perhaps. We have done it since the first semester, i at that time, the highest should be the one that have the PLEASURE to 'belanja' the rest.( dem, what the english word for 'belanja' ? Someone help :() But this time around, the one that have the lowest is going to have the pleasure.

Yeah yeah. Im such a loser. Fine. Whatever. You guys deserve it. I'll make it up later in the free time( i hope i'll get busy all the way until Finals exam XD, so that i don't have to belanja XD )


School holi, i mean mid semester break starts today. Yeppi. I really hope a lot of great things happen this weekends. Until then people :)

p/s: GPA 3.66, CGPA 3.46 :)
p/s: know this one thing, i'm will not lose again to all of you! hahahaha


  1. english word for 'belanja' = treat
    be grateful la to what you've achieved!

  2. as expected dri izzat. thanks. yer aku mmg bersyukur, tpi perasaan x puas hati tu msti la ada. tu yg buat kita lebih semangat nak study.

  3. QistinaNafisahIman.March 13, 2010 at 9:36 AM

    know this one thing, i'm will not lose again to all of you! hahahaha

    grammar error...haha...
    no I'm will...but I will...

  4. oh. thanks. typing rasanya tu. tu la malas nak double check before sent post. hahah. thanks cekgu