Sunday, March 28, 2010

i am darth vader

I woke up this morning with a rather weird feeling. I'm in a humongous house with all the friggin awesome stuff like the Ultimate gaming Pc's, Wide screen plasma TV, Gaming Consoles and a lot of thing i've only dream about my entire life. Then i look into the mirror. Man, I was way handsome than those boyband member they girls really interested to.


But you guys know that just probably a day dream. Nah, maybe not about the handsome stuff alright but all those wealth? Probably not. Well the story was kind off related to the topic, We all wanted to be in someone else life. I realize this after talking to my buddy here in UTP. They don't admit it but hell, I knew it deep inside them they wanted to be someone else.

First of all, The dreamy dreamy stuff i wrote above, definitely a lie. I won't told anyone my dream, unless it is funny of course. Back to the topic again. Maybe we don't realize this but it is true. My friend here, he's a really smart guy but i think( no offense here) he's having hard time to get a girl. Maybe it's just me, but i had the feeling he is. Then he was talking about some guy i don't know being all macho and funny that all girls wants.

Even myself. I also wanted to be someone else. I rich filthy Darth Vader. Okay that was when i was 7. Now i wanted to be a smart yet relaxed and a well known person. Let's face it people. Sometimes, we wanted a different life. That why they say, a human will not satisfy of his/her current self. like...hoff...this...hofff....with..hoff..japanese...hoff...chick? Hofff hofff.

Another example. Teenager. They all wanted really really much to grown up. Moving away from the parents. No boundaries. They can have all the fun they want. But then when the actually grown up hell, they wanted to be back at school. Spoon fed by their parents. They hate their current life. Some of them i think. But again it's all because of our mind. Never really appreciate everything we got.

But still, that is no wrong in day dreaming alright. We can be anything, of course in the World of Warcraft. I mean, World of Dreams.

Salesman: I am the dark knight of some where in this world!!! I'm level 99 and i have a lot of gills yeah!!!
WOW Creator: Hell yeah. In your dream noob.

Until then guys.

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