Wednesday, March 24, 2010

round hot stuff.

Last Saturday I went to the Internation Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2010 right here at Putrajaya. Oh, regarding last post. I took the last option :) Full day enjoyment taking picture of BALLOONS! That might sound retarded, but it's really fun. Really!

The event is a 4 day event, starting on Thursday until Sunday and was held at Presint 2, exactly infront the 'Monumen Alaf Baru' what the hell that is. This is actually the second time this event was held in Putrajaya. How the hell I just know about this event only one day before the real thing start?? Dem, if I knew earlier, it would be more easy to make real plans, not a happy-go-lucky plan.

Anyway, I went there by the trustworthy public transport. I kinda took the wrong train but lucky I notice it soon and managed to drop off a station. After making my way to Sungai Besi KTM station, Loga, my roomate and his friend from UiTM shah Alam, Frehan arrived with Loga Civic. From there we went to the main event.

Loga n Frehan.

Redfm DJ whos Loga has fallen.

The event kinda start late that evening so we decided to fill our empty stomach and their needs to puff the killer snacks. All done and we went back to the site and by the time we are on the way, peoples started gushing to the site making the traffic quite congested at the Festival site.

Alamanda Putrajaya. First Touch down.

First Hot Air Balloon i saw.

I wish I had the photographer pass. Dem.

Above: This overblown picture looks like Japan Flag.

Mr. Handsome Balloon.

Aside from the falling exhaust tips due to misjudge of the location of a big rock, the Festival is worth the sweats and fun. I had fun. Apart from loga with his exhaust tip, i guess Everyone seems to have fun right?? Hahahaha~

Until then guys.


  1. super cun punya gambar..
    plan yg tiba-tiba, turned out to be so fun..

  2. agak arr. tpi agak memenatkan.

  3. kau xnaik ke?
    mcm best je nek benda tuhh

  4. bes tu bes. tapi. tapi. kena menang contest dru baru boleh naik T____T