Tuesday, December 29, 2009


It's not the end of the world, not yet, neither the end of this blog, hopefully. Year 2009 have shown and change me in a way that I never taught I would be. Never in my whole life i hoped i changed this much. Thank you all for helping me :)

Enough of the serious mode, now lets talking crap about what have pass and gone throughout this whole fantastic year :)


- I manage to get a scholarship and also a private university
- I was introduced to facebook
- I got my driving license
- I become a fan of DSLR(officially)
- I know how to get around KL
- I discovered Tronoh
- I get my own laptop
- I have my own money
- I changed(for good)
- I become a lesser nerd :P
- I talk crap more(which is good, SOMETIMES)
- I started to appreciate life more.
- I know a lot of school names
- I become more independent
- I works as a waiter
- I learn to play DOTA :S
- I become more in love with fashion
- I wash me own cloth


- I was introduced to facebook
- I spend more money on clothing
- I was busy playing when relaxing
- I get mad
- I hardly contacted my old schoolmate :(
- I wake up late
- I was sent to a deserted island/ dessert
- I become a less punctual person
- I love to waste my time
- I sometimes when back to my safe zone
- I talk crap more often

all said and done. Goodbye 2009 !

Until then~

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