Sunday, December 6, 2009

If they tell you ninja exist, believe them.

It's holiday again. Wake up super late today, but manage to have my prayer early. It's a hectic week that's why. With assignment here and there, 24 seem not enough(or maybe im not using it well? hohoho) English work paper, English weekly essay, Thinking skills assignment, Islamic Studies test soon, Programming @#%&* project 2 which FINALLY done! and the foundation event where cameraman is my duty :) Sadly this cameraman does not own his own camera. Sad story it is. haha


Oh. on Friday we went to Ipoh for Ninja Assasin. It was quite nice and when i mean nice it means with a lot of blood splatting around the screen. Thank god it is not a 3D show, it could be a gazzilllion more awsomeee! :)


My gamelan class this week and so on will be on Saturday(which is good). Now my Sunday could be the real holiday again! Done with the assessment, well just one more instrument to play and i'm done. My marks so far was goooooood with average of 9 i think :)

p/s: Third semester is going to be soon right? Oh noes or Oh Great?
p/s: Finally driving with less 'kegelabahan' :))))


  1. tgh bayangkn kh drive dgn muke gelabah cam anak kuceng usm tu ;p

  2. atleast muka anak kuceng tu comey :) gahahaha