Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fundamantel of what???

Fundamental of Applied Science Ambassador or FASA for short.

Sorry for the late post. I though I can make it by thursday but then, the system had a problem uploading picture. Yeah. Beside from preparing for my Islamic studies exam of course. Alhamdullilah it has been DONE! Horaa!

Anyway about the event, for your information, FASSA is a community to help people like me, stupid, childish freshie student in UTP to adapt the life in UTP. Look it like MPP(Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar) but for foundation level.

View from the Second floor of the Humongous Chansellor complex.

Just as I was saying in the previous post, I was selected as on of the cameraman. So I manage to get "involved" in the event indirectly. hahaha.
Anyway, the event was okay, I don't know I was busy taking photo here and there, but I heard a lot of people saying the event were "GREAT" if you know what i mean here :P

Here some picture taken for the event from my clique father Nikon D60.

Recitation of doa by our international friend, Makki.

Our beloved Professor Balbir

Hajar and Awie, the perfect.....opps.



I guess that's all there is for this post. Nothing much to talk about FASSA. End of year is soon. Better look up onto this year resolution and check it is fullfill or not. Still have time!!!

Until then~

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