Thursday, December 17, 2009

If I were a Movie

CAT owns!

ts super hot here in UTP, with temperature up to 1000 degree Celsius based on my mind thermometer. There is no sign it's going to rain this evening. So you sport-freak can probably have your leisure time sweating yourself out.
As I was lurking for all of my blogger friends first blog post, i found some interesting post. So I decided to make one for myself. credit to izzatul =)

those impossible IF

- if i STOP making weird post.

- if i stop making FUN of myself.

- if i can take picture using my EYE. lame

- if i can get 1000 ringgit instead of 500 for my scholarship money XD kaya weh. hahahaha

- if BAGGY jeans does not exist. hahaha

- if DSLR can be eaten.

- if my cloth can be wash up and dried up automatically when i put it into my closet. BES BES

- if UTP is at somewhere cold.

- if TAMAN MAJU have Shopping Complex.

- if internet here is super FAST.

- if MAGGI mee is cheaper and more stomach filled.

- if Hannah montana is a BOY? hahaha. merapu XD

- if CALCULUS is like add, minus, multiply and divide.

- if I could be SMARTER than genius.

- if i could DRIFT.

- if i am a PSYCHOLOGIST.

- if everyone LIKE me.

- if my BLOG can type itself without me pushing the keyboard.

- if LIFE is easy.

- if nice cloth is FREE.

- if 4-FLAT is easy to score.

- if LOVE is that easy.

p/s: taking photo for tonight futsal match in conjunction with the Trimester Carnival.
p/s: big game this evening. GO TIGER!

Until then.


  1. nope, u're wrong.
    its raining now :D

  2. aah. mah predction haz wrongz!

  3. iluvchezzburger! haha. bangga tol kakjah sbgai time keeper futsal yg paling setia dan jurjur ;p

  4. eeleee. balek2 trus post ek? hahaha

  5. yup
    THANX TO ME!!!


    there's soo0o0o many if's yawww~

  6. thank to you to kill be bored time XD

    actually ada byk gle nak post je huhuhuhu