Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pemimpin Kelas Dunia 0___0

Moulding World Class Leader XD
Today we have some talk by some of the great people in UTP, namely Ustaz Rahmat, Dr. Ibrahim and Mr. Hakim.

Honestly, I felt relieved that I listen to this talk regardless one of my ear were busy listening to music on my P2. Regardless all that, I manage to take almost all of the input for processing. The talk was cheerful thanks to Mr. Hakim who manage to make us laugh hard with his unformal way of giving a talk.

Anyway, the talk is about Leadership. I suck at this the most btw. I found out that this talk was something that can boost up my courage to be a better leader to myself and to other. I think this is one of the important thing you need to strengthen for the sake of our future. Then we'll talk about World Class Leader =)

I get it, this post is indeed boring for all of you lazy leechers who love facebooking and anything that goes with it, but let this be a reminder to all of us =)

Trimester Foundation Carnival

This week the carnival for us trimester student will be held. Various activities such as Tug of war, badminton, Dinner, Tarik tali, table tennis and other more will be held during this week. I probably going to enter the Tug of War, i reckon it going to be something like the God of War games with less blood splat here and there.

This haz nothing to do with the carnival btw. I <3 this picture

But the thing is, I have my ROBOcamp starting this week, and the next week to come for saturday and sunday. Did I mention it is 9 a.m. until 11 p.m. ???? Sorry, but I think I have to pass this week session or maybe, just maybe, I'll came for the class on Sunday.

p/s: going to be a photographer for the dinner(insyallah)
p/s: hope to get some photo of the Tug of war =)

Until then.

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